Iced Earth, Are Riding The Storm Through America

DSC_0331Tampa Bay, Florida grown heavy metal band Iced Earth is trekking across America delivering nothing but great music. The band is out supporting their latest release titled Incorruptible via Century Media and are being supported by Sanctuary and Kill Ritual. Heavy metal at it’s finest was conveyed on Thursday March 8th, 2018 at the Belasco Theater, a chique music hall with amazing decor all around it. The sound and lighting are amazing and allow for spectators to enjoy a night of heavy metal.

Sanctuary woke up one day with tragic news, those which lead them to tour in tribute of the fallen hero Warrel Dane. The band takes a moment to celebrate the life of Warrel Dane, and continues to deliver magnificent metal. From vocals to guitars, and the relentless drum beats Sanctuary has fuel for years to come if they were to decide and continue as a metal outfit. Guitars shriek Lenny Rutledge, and match the high pitch vocals from singer Joseph Michael from Witherfall. DSC_0753Such vocals are majestic. Once you hear the drum work by Dave Budbill, you will be inspired to get behind the drum set and try and mimic those catastrophic sounds. The band delivered a tight set, with various headbangers stage diving, and the moshpit intensified as each song was delivered. Despite the empty void on stage, the amazing work by Joseph Michael was mesmerizing and fans hailed Sanctuary on this night of heavy metal. They continue to destroy stages in the U.S. make sure to catch them live.

The closing act of this night was Iced Earth, the legendary American Power/Thrash metal band brought their heavy riffs and eagle screams to the Belasco Theater. Fans called out for songs like “Dantes Inferno”, as Stu Block, vocalist, taunted them saying “You guys want to hear “Dantes Inferno”?, it’s like a 20 minute song…” the fans raged and demanded to hear it, instead they got a bigger surprise. With the ability to destroy walls, Jon Schaffer played his potent guitar, a Gibson to be exact and delivered songs like “Travel in Stygian” pleasuring fan’s ears. With magnificent agility and fluidity, Jake Dreyer made his guitar passionately speak to metal fans, guitar solo after guitar solo he enamor long haired metal heads.

DSC_0191As denim and leather packed the Belasco, longhair swung in tornado style, Iced Earth delivered an astonishing set. From any angle of the theater you could not miss that monstrous drum set Brent Smedley reigns behind. With an elaborate structure around it, Brent Smedley sits below cymbals  which hang high, and at mid range from him to portray those brutal sounds he has being creating since 1996. An acrobatic lead singer, Stu Block climbs this structure, made of metal, where he sings from at approximately 10 feet high from the stage, screaming his lungs out with perfect pitch. An active bassist, Luke Appleton sings backing vocals and destroys the stage with his deep tone. Headanging side by side with Jon Schaffer together they crumbled the walls around them.

DSC_0333The set was a powerful one, and for this tour Jon Schaffer and his band brought the perfect set list. One of the songs everyone loves is  “Stormrider”, and Jon Schaffer took charge and sang this track with power. The fans went wild as he delivered those lyrics and guitar riffs to such an epic track. The continuous surprises allowed metalheads to embellish in a heavy riffed night, from the astonishing trilogy, “Propehcy”, “Birth of The Wicked” and “Coming Curse”, which is longer than “Dantes Inferno” simply delivered in sections. Non the less, Iced Earth corrupted Los Angeles, CA. and allowed die hard fans unleash their love for their sound. Heck I even got my vinyl of the Incorruptible and a shirt, the line was long but fans wanted their merchandise. It was a mystical night.


Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

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