Impurities In Melody Shape, Conjured By Majestic Demons- Septicflesh, Dark Funeral and Thy Antichrist Summoned Evil

DSC_0707The light that fuels a fire inside can not be described by actions, instead it is conveyed in musical lyrics, and dark requiems to elicit those who share a common interest. Metal is that catalyst, whether it is black metal, death metal or thrash metal the essence is carried out visually and musically. Bands like Septicflesh, Thy Antichrist and Dark Funeral contain all elements which instill euphoria, awaken inner demons and allow the soul to re-animate it self during a span of time shared by many. Last Thursday, The Regent theater and all of the Southern California metal fans welcomed these bands with arms wide opened.

The candles were lit, and evil incantations were chanted as fans tightened their leather belts, and veiled dark colors, spikes and fury on their bodies; the night was set for a brutal ritual. The American band Thy Antichrist, fronted by Antichrist 666 (Colombian born), took the stage, a dark solemn platform that was about to witness a malignant display of rage. Thy Antichrist came in heavy with their guitarists Wicked One, and Abyss, two well carved guitarist. Their talent is displayed in songs like “The Great Beast” and “Destruction Times”. DSC_0525Both players shred and deliver harmonics of evil that annihilated the infidels that night. Meanwhile, Antichrist 666 covered in corpse paint, with a macabre look, shrieked with power and instilled fear in those who witness such a powerful act. The hammers by Oniricuss were catastrophic in every aspect of the meaning, he mutilated fans with cannon blast, intense explosions and relentless double pedals. The depth of this band was then added by Frost Giant, who with an evil look rapes the bass, aiming to make the ground shake, and he succeeds at his task. The Texan quintet, delivers a force no saint would reckon with, intense and rapid fire will burn their loins as this band unleashes their sonic chaos.

The gates were opened, hell was emptied that night as the evil fiends crawled from below, the legions known as Dark Funeral summoned their forces to congregate for a satanic ritual. From Sweden, legendary satanic black metal purveyors Dark Funeral flew over seas to deliver what is known as impure black metal. With Heljarmadr fronting the DSC_1007band, the roars of demons were heard across downtown Los Angeles (ironic it should have been Los Demonios that night). Lord Ahriman, who is the only original member and founder of the band stood tall, as evil forces around him succumb to his chaotic riffage, raising each hair on their back, they could only headbang to such iconic sounds. The legions of black metal played songs like “Unchain My Soul”, off their new record Where Shadows Forever Reign and a classic “Hail Murder”. Chaq Mol, with evil inside conjured piercing sounds on his guitar, spreading his wrath on stage. You can hear the incinerating drum blast by Dominator, who siting on his throne expelled a rage like no other. With the power of satan, Dark Funeral executed their lacerated sound, one which will open the pits of hell anywhere they set foot on. It was a sold out show, as fans desired to witness a satanic congregation, that night they all hailed satan. The candles were on all night, as the wind whispered evil spells into their ears, Dark Funeral enticed black metal worshipers and together as one were all apprentices of satan.

Soon after, the Greek headliner, and symphonic death metal quartet, Septicflesh destroyed what was left of The Regent theater. From the land of gods and villains came this band carrying the majestic sounds of symphonies perpetrated by Christos Antoniou, and aggressive vocals by Spiros Antoniou. The instant Septicflesh set foot on stage, the fans rushed to the front, to witness a mythological delivery of pure death metal. The vocals expelled by Spiros Antoniou are incomparable, with tremendous potency he roars to songs like “Prometheus” and “Dantes Inferno”. DSC_0334Both guitarist on each end shredded, added definition to the chaos and headbang relentlessly. Meanwhile, Kerim “Krimh” Lechner dropped nuclear bombs on his drum set; such force exploded on fans faces. The intensity this band portrays leaves everyone floored, chanting and moshing the fans came together for a night of metal. During their set, the band withdraws their presence from stage after each song, as if each is an scene in a play, they re-assemble behind banners, and Spiros emerges to deliver the next scene. Theater is their forte, and with majestic orchestrations they lift you off your feet instilling a godly effect on your brain. Their relentless headbanging infected fans, as they took part of a black wall of death. Fans formed the notorious wall of death, and just like titans they clashed to the sounds of Septicflesh. 

As fans witnessed such brutal force, the night dwindled away, and Septicflesh , Dark Funeral and Thy Antichrist retreated to their chambers to prepare for their next exorcism. Hailing from Sweden, Dark Funeral delivered satanic black metal, their long awaited returned was embraced by Los Angeles’ dark forces. Thy Antichrist showed the Regent theater what American black metal is about, while Septicflesh in discourse spread their godly symphonic death metal. 



Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos







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