Hallow Point- Aaron Chambers Shreds Away With Modern Metal Style

hallowpointbandHallow Point is a band from St. Louis Missouri, they have a blend of heavy metal with elements of deathcore. However, Aaron Chambers, the lead guitarist does not care for genres, it will limit his ability to create music that he wants to play. The EP titled Beyond Our Name is packed with melodic riffs, cannon blasts and amazing vocals. The band is influenced by sounds of Metallica, Trivium, Lamb of God and such adding their own twists and turns they have created this catchy record. We had the honor to talk with Aaron Chambers, lead guitarist of Hallow Point and this is what he had to say about his experience thus far…

About the influences…

Aaron Chambers- “There is quite a few bands, a lot had to do with the new wave of American heavy metal and the metal core scene when that was coming up. I would say heavy influences for me would be Lamb of God, Trivium and As I Lay Dying. Of course you have the heavier classic bands that set the foundation for me like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Machine head that is what shaped my sound and bands that got me going.”

About the genre of their sound…

Aaron-“I think I always had aspirations, it was just a matter of trying to find the right people. When I was 12 I went to catholic school, so heavy metal was kind of taboo, and then finally I got older and my network expanded I got to meet the guys from the band. From there is became the dream for us to be able to release music like this. The ability to do so has just been amazing, it is a great feeling when you put out a release like that.”

About touring the West Coast…

Aaron-“We were just in talks about that two or three nights ago, it is an area we have not made it yet simply because it is a long way there but we were talking about hopefully getting there in like late July early August, maybe hit new markets, but nothing is solid yet.”

About the importance of his mindset once entering the studio…

Aaron-“I tend to take more of a melodic lines and this is the first time I feel we had a real studio experience, it is only our second EP but prior to that i had all the solos written before we went into the studio. On this one I Only had little parts and pieces put together. When we got there I was thinking of where to put the solos, and waited to see how the song would progress so I can fit the solos. I wanted to write solos that really blended well with the rest of the music and what the song is trying to convey.”

About metal sungenres…

Aaron-“To me personally it doesn’t matter, if someone asks me what category and what not I would get specific. If they ask what kind of music do you play I say, metal. I feel that bands become very limited when you pigeon whole that band. They place you in a genre and that is pretty much what you are limited to. I say more around the metal core lines, we have the clean singing, the heavy screams and melody with the guitars. A lot of those elements came to define metalcore. But at the same time we are writing music with out own spin. My hopes is that is comes across as the music that we write.”

About working with Producer Branden Wade…

Aaron- “That was once in a lifetime experience. I would love to be able to do it again, he is just amazing. When we sat down to figure out who we wanted to work with, we knew he was at such high level. It was a shot in the dark when I sent him the email, probably wont hear back from him. He got back to us and he was stoked for it. He opened our eyes to the music structure part of it, and what each part is suppose to carry weight wise. One of my favorite things was that every part in the song you should be able to enjoy it when you put it in a loop. Not just to have a half ass intro. His take on everything was really trying to make each part of the songs stand on it’s own. Since then I try to carry that on my writing now with any new material I started writing.”

About the challenging song to record…

Aaron- I probably say, Front Line, that solo incorporated a bunch of things that i had never worked with before. It was a very long solo to record, and the pressure was on as we were running out time in the studio.”

About touring with big names, and close friends…

Aaron “We opened for some hometown shows for Devil Driver. Last year was our first year with getting our feet wet, we did a week of touring the weekend warrior thing, and so forth. We all still have full time jobs to pay the bills, but my favorite part of it all was being on the road, and being able to do it with my close friends is great. Surprisingly we have not gotten sick of each other yet so it is good to be out on the road with these guys.”

About his favorite guitar player…

Aaron “I feel like I may be beating a dead corpse with this answer, but to me it’s James Hetfield, his passion and style he has when he plays guitar. I think he writes a lot of memorable riffs, he has carried that flag for me, but also Willy Adler from Lamb of God, he is very innovative and thinks outside the Band. I also enjoy Matt Heafy from Trivium too.”

Aaron– James Hetfield can do the thrash metal riffs, then turn around and play something like The Unforgiven, do a lot of finger picking, he is very versatile.”

About future albums and how to out do the current one…

Aaron- “I think that has been on the back on all of our minds, we are very proud of this. We ask our self how are we going to sound better, where do we go from here. We have talked about high level producers again. We compiled a list of different producers that we consider reaching out to. That is one point there, also writing more frequently. We put some time between the last two releases, I’ve been writing more, Branden definitely helped with the structure and all. We are excited on this one to have him create music too, different riffs and lines.”


Reported by: Hostile Jo

HALLOW POINT March U.S. Tour Dates

3/9 – St. Louis, Missouri @ The Firebird

3/10 – Memphis, Tennessee @ Rockhouse Live Midtown

3/11 – Nashville, Tennessee @ The East Room

3/12 – Chattanooga, Tennessee @ Ziggy’s

3/13 – Marietta, Georgia @ Swayze’s Venue

3/14 – Columbus, Georgia @ Soho Bar & Girll

3/15 – Athens, Georgia @ The Caledonia Lounge

3/16 – Charleston, South Carolina @ The Sparrow

3/17 – Raleigh, North Carolina @ Coughlin Compound

3/19 – Fayetteville, North Carolina @ The Drunk Horse Pub

3/20 – Charlotte, North Carolina @ The Rabbit Hole

3/21 – Greensboro, North Carolina @ The Somewhere Else Tavern

3/22 – Lexington, Kentucky @ Al’s Bar

3/23 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ Mad Frog

3/24 – Louisville, Kentucky @ Brewskee’s




Twitter: @hallow_point


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