Watain- Trident Wolf Eclipse- The Sounds From Hell

wataincoverOne seeks for the darkest tunes, the diabolical guitar riffs and decapitating drums that will capture your soul with evil vocals in all that is black metal. If the sound of a malignant band like Watain does no elicit the darkest corners of your mind, you deserve not this band. Watain has delivered countless tracks with evil within, and aggressive musicianship. Their newest malefaction is pure evil in the blackest of forms. The infernal flames burn hotter with Trident Wolf Eclipse, a vicious attack to the soul.

This album was released via Century Media, constructed in the darkest fortresses of Sweden. The striking opening song titled “Nuclear Alchemy” defines the black metal sounds with fury. This is the divine intervention humanity needs in their daily routine, a doze of black metal to brighten your dying soul. The track has brutal drum work, and the guitar is malevolent, chaos reigns once more with this opening perversion. The relentless song strikes with force both vocally and musically. The second track titled “Sacred Damnation” is an ominous hymn, the drum break in minute 2:20 is brutal. The anger in E.’s vocals are expelled virulently, as the guitar (P.) rapes your ears you can hear demons crawling out of the fiery pits of hell. The dark arts are exposed to the most evil sound within this song. The raw sounds of black metal are revisited in track “Furor Diabolicus”, savage from the get go. As you listen to the song, the drums (H.) suck you in, the relentless beating on the cannons will decapitate you. The guitar riff in this song is astonishing, with tempo changes from fast to slower, the song contains elements for a rapture. The sounds of Swedish black metal are displayed with this song, harmonics come in heavy, and the rhythm will make you rage violently.

This band has once again delivered a catastrophic album, filled with chaos, darkness and black metal. The track “Towards the Sanctuary” is another evil composition, with the speed of infuriated demons, Watain delivers a destructive force. Guitar riffs will mutilate you, as the drums explode with rage. The break in minute 2:00 a brings a breath of fresh air, so you can take a minute and be faced with a tremolo riff that lights the infernal flames brighter and hotter. Back on minute 3:00 the mayhem continues, destruction is inevitable as vocalist E.  growls savagely. The album Trident Wolf Eclipse is another example of the virulent sounds purveyed by Watain, as their sound reigns in chaos, you will adhere to the black arts. Get your copy now of this malignant release that is Trident Wolf Eclipse.


Written by: Hostile Jo

Check out their tour dates with Destroyer 666




Check out this virulent video- Watain- “Nuclear Alchemy”- Trident Wold Eclipse


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