Interview With Dennis Rybakowski- Accuser Guitarist

Accuser promo photoWe had the chance to chat with Dennis Rybakowski, guitarist of legendary German thrash metal band Accuser. We discussed artist evolution, the new sound they created and the complexity of this album. Check out his answers below, make sure to get your copy of Accuser’s The Mastery out January 26th, 2018 via Metal Blade Records.


The track the Real World is a heavy one, what does it talk about?

From my understanding it deals with a certain person, someone selfish, concerns with others to further himself by putting them down. This song tries to spread the message about the person who will get a rude awakening, and face the real world.

As an artist how do you evolve to create this crisp aggressive sound?

In 2013 I had to learn a lot, all of it at once. We play festivals, shows  and a month later I needed to learn all those songs. I started playing thrash then, I had the basic style as I had worked more with other genres. I had to revisit the thrash metal style, I had to sit and study hard which inspired my own classic thrash metal sound.

What was it like working on this album with Martin Buchwalter?

We have been working with him for a couple of years now, it is always great to work with. Plus he has great contacts in the German thrash metal scene. He knows what he is doing when it comes to recording a thrash metal record, and we did it at his studio.

What does this album signify for you at this point in your career?

I would say another evolution for me, a great one for Accuser, we are pushing the envelop re-discovering itself, while bringing all hallmarks of the band. We have a new direction which is inspired by our old 90’s stuff, we wanted to make it as fast as possible.

The album will be out in January 26th, via Metal Blade Records, what do you have planned before it’s release?

We played an album release party at the end of 2017, it was near our hometown. We are looking to playing shows in January, nothing is concrete yet, all will be finalized soon.

Where do you stand with the new age in sales, technology being part of it, and all the outlets for your music to be sold at?

Well, we are not at a point where we can live with all we do with the band. It is still a side thing, something with any genre, if you want to do this as your job you’ll have to play in 20 bands to make money, it is not fulfilling. It all just works for us.

Was there any song that was challenging when it came to learning it or tracking it down?

I would not call it challenging, more complexed if I may. I Think for me it was “The Mourning” We started off with slow groovy metal, went into Pantera feel but it was time consuming to get down. A great song if you ask me.

Where do you think or anticipate the record will take you tour wise and fan base?

Right now we are planning tours for this year, nothing concrete, we are finalizing a few shows most of our main stuff will be announced soon. Fans love our music, thrash metal is great. We played a couple new songs and old songs in the last show.


Reported By: Hositle Jo


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