Bleeding Gods, A Tale of Heros- Dodekathlon

bleedingodsbandThe art of creating music is a skill that must be mastered in order to manifest  an astonishing piece of work, Dutch blackened death metal band Bleeding Gods did just that. In their latest assault projected toward humanity, titled Dodekathlon, Bleeding Gods combines elements of both symphonic black metal and brutal death metal to tell a tale about Hercules. This intense record is to be released by Nuclear Blast Records on January 12th, has to be the most ambitious piece of work by the band yet. Their sound is intoxicating in its blackest form. The realm of darkness meets the light which envelops it with furious guitar riffs, both lead and rhythm delivered depth.

An ominous entry to the album comes with the titled track “Bloodguilt”, as the synthesizer plays. Combined with great guitar work and drums, this song will instill darkness into your body. If you are looking for a brutal track, check out “Beloved By Artemis”, this track explodes in your face with crucial growls from the get go. This tune has speed on both guitars by Ramon Ploeg and Rutger Van  Noordenburg, while on drums Daan Klemann executes his throne, which are backed up by the furious vocals of Mark Huisman. The band assembled and conjured this macabre track, as the keyboards add great atmosphere rendering this an impeccable malediction, flowing in with a rhythmic guitar solo, all while the bass (Gea Mulder) and cannons destroy your sense.

There is no doubt, Bleeding Gods are masters of their craft, one that is very well saturated with other talented musicians, this one stands out with their decapitating assault. Another decapitating track is “Birds of Hate” ravaging you with a guitar solo since the minute 00:01, leaving you weak on the knees during their relentless mutilation. It is with aggressive drums, and demonic vocals this song takes you to another level of evil, conjoining the elements of brutality with the relieving atmospherical sounds of the keyboard, Bleeding Gods punishes you with malicious intent. If you survive this track, be ready for the rest of the album, all tracks have punch, one that will floor you and listening to it once will not do it justice. Bleeding gods are the kind of band you want to listen to while you work out, and be ready to rage on the moshpit. Few bands can combine blackened symphonic death metal and this is one of them.

Written by :Hostile Jo


Stream the titled track “From Feast To Beast” here


Check out The track here as well

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