“Red”- Scour’s Infernal Flames

The powerful raw sounds of a guitar exhumed from the dark pits of hell will always bring solemn joy to a metal head’s ears. From legendary Pantera’s vocalist, producer and brutal human, Philip Anselmo has conjured a brutal assault to your psyche with his new band Scour. Their new EP Red, has ravenous tracks from the beginning to the violent end. The self titled track “Red” is dehumanizing from the get go, with the raw black metal sound it portrays dark caves, where demons dwell. Philip Anselmo’s versatile vocals are empowering in this record. The man over does himself once more with such atrocious vocals, some that can define a genre with aggressive gores. Atrocious, (in a good way),  is the sound of this album, it will rip your soul out with track “Piles”, this song has sliding cords, with the  black magic touch of destructive drum work. The band has talent, and their congregation will bring pure evil to the playing platform you chose to utilize as you wreck things in ecstasy.scour3

This album takes you back to the roots of black metal, with melodies that will allow the infernal flames to burn hotter and bright as each song progresses. The brutality and darkness continues as you play the track “Bleak”, this black metal in unconventional in terms of topics. They do not focus on demons, and satan, they focus on violence. The tracks unleash the inner demon within you, as all black metal does regardless of the lyrics. That is how you know you have compiled a great amount of black metal in a record, when the music hits deep in your dark soul. The band will do some some serious damage to your soul, if you have one. Check out their upcoming shows and be ready to unleash your inner demons.


Written by: Hostile Jo


12/15/2017 The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX [tickets]
12/16/2017 Come And Take It Live – Austin, TX [tickets]
7/07/2018 Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, DK [tickets]

For More Scour Follow them Online:

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