Belphegor, Diabolical Ritual

DSC_0848As the night darkened, the hymns of Panzerfaust, Cryptopsy and Belphegor pervaded the atmosphere. The evening at Union Club Los Angeles was a brutal one. Panzerfaust destroyed the stage with their chaotic hymns, and relentless instrumentation. An ominous energy was portrayed by their lead singer Goliath and hammering master behind the drums, Lord Baphomet. While bassist Morbid and guitarist Kaizer wrecked the stage with furious riffs. The fans embraced the darkness this band brought with them.

DSC_0679Soon after this black metal act, Cryptopsy butchered the remaining of the fan base who endured Panzerfaust assault. Cryptopsy went on stage with virulent guitar riffs by Christian Donaldson and neck breaking drum blast by Flo Mounier. This band has ruthless compositions, and the moshpit wrecks the floor with out mercy as Cryptopsy projects mutilation. Lead singer Matt McGachy roars like a demon, exploding from within with power. The band unleashes their fury for lovers of the morbid, and relentless beatings. Cryptopsy played a phenomenal set, with a compilation of recent work dating back to track from Blasphemy Made Flesh.  The fans were not dissapointed, and were ready for the black mass to commence.

Austrian blackened death metal purveyors, Belphegor, annihilated those soulless bodies. Helmuth, Serpenth, Bloodhammer and new addition, Marthyn all delivered a diabolical set. From the opening track of Totenritual, their latest malediction to tracks from earlier records, Belphegor tainted those few pure souls in attendance. Helmuth delivers ear ripping solos along with Marthyn, as he also exhumes his inner demons with each roar. A malevolent incantation is praised as Serpenth roars his back up vocals, and detonates the powerful bass. As the fans raged, and headbanged, Bloodhammer destroyed his drums with each brutal blast. The diabolical songs by Belphegor were magnificently delivered, each guitar solo was crips, with pure evil spewing during this ritual.

DSC_0057Belphegor just released their most vile, and diabolical dark art titled Totenritual, via Nuclear Blast Records. This record contains conjuring of evil, with tracks like “Baphomet” and “The Devil’s Son”. The metal heads in attendance chanted for an encore as the set came to a conclusion. Helmuth, returned soon after the set was over and praised those brutal fans, he raised his guitar and stood there with an evil look. Belphegor has to be the most brutal bands in this genre, and the fans know it as they show up in multitudes to each show. The Union Club Los Angeles was the home for brutality, diabolical hymns and a massacre on the moshpit.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos


Interview With Helmuth




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