Ominous Winds Brought by Immolation and Mayhem

The grim hymns created by Mayhem and brutal death metal by Immolation energized the night at The Fonda Theater this past Saturday November 18th.

DSC_0035Immolation loaded their cannons and drummer Steve Shalaty made them explode with fervor and skills. Immolation, from New York made metalheads rampage the floor as they delivered heavy metal riffs and gory vocals. Ross Dolan on bass and lead vocals sounded like an infuriated demon as he sang to songs like “Destructive Currents”. Guitarist Robert Vigna, moves relentlessly aiming his axe at the fans, delivering striking riffs during songs like the classic “Burial Ground” from their 1991 record- Dawn of Possession. The force this band delivers spreads across the stage and Alex Bouks shreds to majestic guitar solos. Immolation destroyed the stage and fans were only warming up for the notorious Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

Mayhem, arrived in the area of Los Angeles, and with them they brought their grim sounds, those which fans have known for decades. Mayhem played a dark set, with growls  by Atilla Csihar and catastrophic drum blasts by Hellhammer. DSC_0531The devil was summoned that night and it arrived in the shape of Attila Csihar, and he ripped souls apart with his ritual. Necrobutcher, delivered those dark bass notes needed for a satanic ritual to take place. Meanwhile, Teloch and Ghul ripped apart carcasses with their axes. The ceremony unleashed demons on the pit, and tormented souls ravaged The Fonda Theater. Both sexes were enjoying the sounds of the dark arts, Mayhem performed tracks loved by fans like “Pagan Fears” and “Funeral Fog”. In the mist, during ritualistic hymns, the fans congregated hailing black metal and worshiping the dark forces conjured by Mayhem.

The ceremonial sounds were played by Mayhem, while Immolation ripped through the crowd with their explosive sound. Mayhem is currently touring north America for second time this year, and both times the venues have been infested with evil lovers. As Immolation released their most brutal record yet, Atonement, they have also packed venues and metalheads from all over California hailed their sound. Attila Csihar and company will for ever reign in the Norwegian Black Metal realm.


Reported By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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