Destruction- The Butcher returns with a freshly sharpened cleaver.

destructionbandGreetings Metal Warriors!  Make way for thrash metal titans, Destruction, as they unleash a catalog sequel of recharged and reinforced songs from their early days in Thrash Anthems 2. 

Hailing from Germany and thrashing their way into the scene in the early 80’s, Destruction is ready to unleash fresh versions of several mayhems brought about during the inception of thrash metal.  Ten years ago Destruction released their first compilation of re-recorded songs and I moshed my way out of class and into work like a  pinball.  Hearing such a crisp and thrashtastic version of Mad Butcher gave me mad cow disease and I didn’t even have to go to chipotle (or whoever was spreading he disease at the time).  In other words I was reinfected with the thrash metal virus and it felt fu#$%g awesome.  With thrash metal waning over the years it’s great when bands re-visit early catalogs and polish up their gems.  Testament did it with First Strike Still Deadly and Exodus re-recorded Bonded by Blood in it’s entirety.  Let’s face it, the production that went into to some of these thrash albums in the early days wasn’t what it is now.  Then again some of these bands didn’t have Metallica money or fame.  Don’t get me wrong, the music still made an impression and it became a staple in the genre.  After all Destruction was there in the beginning of it all.  If you didn’t notice then it’s probably because you were elbow deep in the anus of Metallica.  Try to erase that picture from your head.

destructionAnyway, Thrash Anthems 2 is exactly what you’d expect.  Founders  Sifringer (guitar) und Shmier (bass/vocals), along with Vaveer (drums) reignite the intensity that gave birth to the german thrash machine, Destruction.  Pulling tracks from Sentence of Death, the bands first EP/album, the guys reanimate the songs “Black Mass” and “Satan’s Vengeance”.   Listening to “Black Mass” in it’s rebirth made me fucking giddy with delight.  The cunning opening lead could help lead a charge into any battle whether it be against orcs or vicious hobbits who have not had their second or third breakfast.  Thrash Anthems 2 will be featuring tracks from  Cracked Brain, Mad Butcher, Eternal Devastation, Infernal Overkill, and All Hell Breaks Loose.  The real treat here is we aren’t just getting a compilation of greatest hits or re-releases.  Destruction are simply just showing how the ferocity of thrash metal can still hold up even now.  Sure it may not be mainstream as it was in the 80’s but the genre stands the test of time and whether you hear it domestically or abroad thrash metal is a force that just won’t die.  It never fucking will.   Thrash Anthems 2 is out 11/10 so stream, buy it, or windmill your way over to the local record store and pick up a copy. 

See you in the mosh!!!!!


Reported by: Clash The Impaler


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