Then Come Silence, Macabre Sound From Sweden

tcmsNot long ago, Then Comes Silence released their darkest record yet, Blood. The darkness which surrounds this record is imminent and will give you a reason to enter the macabre. We had the chance to talk to Alex and Seth of Then Come Silence and they let us in on the recording process, the lyrical content and inspirations to their sound, check out below what was said.

Rockbrary- “You have released a sinister album via Nuclear Blast Records, where they have a variety of heavier bands. They have acquire your sound, a macabre one. How did you write such heavy Music.”

Alex- I dont know its natural hahaha… its the way i write, it comes natural it is hard to explain actually.

Seth- It is a sound that appeals to us, It is what we’ve been listening  to a lot. It is just something that happens.

Rockbrary- “This album has great lyrical content, and the darkness which is projected towards fans. This album’s instrumental part was recorded in 4 days, and was also recorded live, which not a lot of bands do anymore. Do you feel that is important to do when it comes to recording in regards of mixing and mastering, once you have the music written down?”

Then Comes Silence- “It was important for us, it felt very old school and i loved it. We lived in a bubble for four days we were totally focused on this album. This is something all bands should do if they can, we had a budget so we were able to do this. I recorded the vocals after we did the sounds, i had to focus on bass.

Alex- “We had some rehearsal weeks before.”

Seth- “We rehearsed with the producer so he had some input on the recording stage of it. We were really ready once we went in to the studio. It was like training for the world cup, once the game day was there we were ready.”

Rockbrary- “Your influences are vast, you enjoy Motorhead, The Clash, some classical music as well punk and such. What is your sound a compilation of in terms of genre?”

TCM- “There are two bands that alway inspire me when I write music, bands that I always go back to get input. Dead Kennedys and Killing Joke are definitely something I always draw inspiration from. So I can hear those two bands in my music, I am not sure what the rest of the band can. Quiet early in my teen years they pointed me on the right direction, they have always been my guidance.”

Rockbrary- “That sound is definitely in this album. Flashing Pangs of Love, where do you draw your lyrical content from? Most of your lyrics are dark.”

Alex- “When I write my songs, i separate music and lyrics, i spend several days focused on music and other days on lyrics. I collect words, lines, lyric notes and then once i have music i try to see if they work together. It is two different worlds that i have to combine them and see if they match. All lyrics is about the same thing sometimes.”

Rockbrary- “When it comes for lyrics, does the band have input in that?”

Alex- “I think so. Of course they have their inputs, solos, music etc…”

Seth- “Sometimes we correct the english part of it, but he writes everything lyrically.”

Rockbrary- “English being your second language, is it difficult to express the idea that you have in mind?”

Alex- “No English is rock and rollish, it is much harder to write in Swedish, I am not good at that, i feel more confident writing in english. I learned listening to kiss, early ages, ACDC.”

Seth- “It is a necessity to write in English, otherwise we would not be talking to you. Some bands from Norway sing in Norwegian, others can pull that off and become a big success. But it is much easier to write in English.”

Rockbrary- “There is a big dogma, between black metal death metal and all the darker genres of metal, you are more rock and roll. However, you do have darker lyrics, do you think fans will embrace this type of rock with dark lyrics; specially those who love the darker heavier metals?”

TCM- “I think so, a lot of metal heads listen to bands like sisters of mercy and have roots in the punk scene. I think why not, it can be nice to have change sometimes to listen to a band like us. We just heard from Dani Filth Of Cradle of Filth and he loves the band. He grew up with the goth scene and he felt a comeback.”

Rockbrary- “With all the catastrophes in the world, how do you think people can remove the fear of dying?”

Alex- “I have not over come it quiet yet, but I am working on it everyday. You don’t cross the line, there is always that small line ahead of you. You have to work on it if you don’t want to go living life being afraid of the unknown.”

Seth- “I think it is not about fear or not having fear. I think when you are alive you have to relate to death. It is how quickly it can end. One day to another it can all be gone, thinking about it often is easier to accept that life is full of horrible things that will happen to your self or friends.”

TCM- “People are pushing away, you shouldn’t just accept it and live with it, get used to it because it is going to happened to anyone or friends of you.”

Rockbrary- “You mentioned your father passing helped you guide this album in a way that helped you cope with his death. Any songs in this album are particularly directed or talk about that?”

Alex- “Yea, definitely the song “Good Friday” is a song about him.”

Rockbrary- “How do you top this album?”

Alex- “I have already started working on new songs, and so far it sounds good. I don’t hint about it that way, we just keep on working. Every Record is a learning process, hopefully you can add something new, or have someone else collaborate on the next album.”

Rockbrary- “During this month of October, what horror movies do you watch?”

Alex- “All of them, I love fall specially up here North is Europe, the trees are all turning black the leaves are turning yellow, red and brown. You have to let this emotion in. The Shinning is my all time favorite, it is always a great movie to watch this time of the year.”

Their record is out now via Nuclear Blast Records and more news will unfold as the year comes. Then Come Silence will conquer America with their upbeat sinister sound. Expect to sway your head to songs like “Strange Kicks”, and “The Dead Cry for No One”. They have the sound of Morissey, meets Gothic with a dash of punk. If you are a lover of the macabre check this album out now.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

 Check out more about their name in the video below.

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