Exhumed- Death Revenge Out Today: Matt Harvey Talks Recording, theme and art work.

Gore brutalizers Exhumed just released their devastating record titled Death Revenge. A gore packed record filled with murder, guitar solos and growls of the undead. Their new record is out via Relapse Records and it is to die for. They will kick off a headlining tour with Arkaik, and support The Black Dahlia Murder and Suffocation on a six date killing spree, make sure to get your tickets. This is what Matt Harvey had to say about the newest record, Death Revenge:

Rockbrary- “Your new album is out, and the date is Friday the 13th, did you particularly select that date for obvious reasons?”

Matt Harvey- “We selected it, I didn’t even realize that there was a Friday the 13th coming up in October, but we were shooting for fall. The label actually brought it to our attention they said “ What do you think about releasing on Friday the 13th” we said obviously it’s perfect.”

Rockbrary- “Do you play different styles based on each bands formula?”

Matt Harvey- “Each band is a bit different, the one great thing about expulsion they are my favorite style of metal, and I leave all the writing to Matt, he does all the writing for that band. With Gruesome, it is pretty much a tribute to death, I just try and write in Chucks style more than any of ours. With Exhume i get to write most of the music, and stretch out my own style.”

Rockbrary- “So you wont forget a riff right?”

Matt Harvey- “hahaha no, oh god no I hope not.”

Rockbrary- “Imagine you are playing and realize you got the wrong riff.”

Matt Harvey- “Yea, I know. He remarks, “Who are you guys, this isn’t the band I was playing with.””

Rockbrary- “The new record is filled with sick riffs, what was the recording process?”

Matt Harvey- “With Exhume, our drummer and I live in the same general area, we have a rehearsal room where we practice like a band (laughs). The other guys live far. Ross lives three hours north of us, and Bud lives in North Carolina, we are out here in North California. We only actually rehearse when we have tour or a show or recording. We went to Florida to record with Jarret Pritchard, he just did the new Goatwhore, Eternal and Gruesome album, he is not only a killer producer but a great friend too. We recorded Gruesome with him. We have done the last two records in Arizona, Mike and i went to florida and did the tracking there. Went To NC to record bass and vocals and headed back to Florida to record it.

I would like us to be in the same room for three or four days working on it. But it works out, that way I can get involved with more projects and all.

If we were on the studio all the time we’d be drinking a few beers practicing one of out songs, and then eventually go home “

Rockbrayr- “How would you prepare for the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest Festival?”

Matt Harvey- “We have six days with The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation and Decrepit Birth among others prior to the Ozzfest or Knotfest depending on which one we are doing. We will already play four or five shows before that. We have to approach it like any other show, you just have things to work on, as long as you have good sound on stage you should be good. But you have no idea what it sounds like 200 yards away, we hope for the best and leave it to our front house guy. I am not a big fan of playing outdoors to be honest, but it’s cool for the prestige.”

Rockbrary- “It is a big thing, for the fans in general, that is where they all gather. It will be great for you guys to make some money with merchandize sales. Specially because not a lot of bands are selling records so much as before, with all the streams and what not.”

Matt Harvey- “It is interesting, it’s sort of a double edge sword, on the one hand it is easier than ever for someone that is interested on checking out your band; they can get their hands on the music. On the other hand because they have access to everything and they are spending 20-30 seconds checking out the band, they go on to the next one, it’s kind of like they are missing out. It’s good and bad, the one great thing about the internet, for the underground metal, nothing is ever out of print. Back in the 80’s and 90’s if the records were out of print, you could never find it. If it’s not in print you’ll never be able to get it. It helps bands revitalize a career or have a longer career. like Razor, without all the internet longevity they would not be playing tours right not. I don’t want to be one of those old guys that goes, goddammit when I was a kid blah blah blah…(laughs)”

Rockbary- “You will be doing your last show in Meza, Arizona, will you be doing any other tours in regards of the new release “Death Revenge”?”

Matt Harvey- “We are finalizing a three week headline tour for November and December, that will be announced fairly soon. Stay tuned for that. It will be great for us because we will be playing more songs, as oppose to festivals where you only play up to five songs kind of cramming them in there you know.”

Rockbrary- “How many songs off the new album will you be playing during your six dates, prior to the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest?”

Matt Harvey- “We will playing two for sure, maybe three depending on how rehearsals go and how time balances out. We definitely want to go out and promote the new records that is why we are on tour. At the same time if there is a kid there who has not heard it yet and likes all the other albums we want to make sure they enjoy it. It was a pet peeve for me to go to show and the band plays all their new songs, and I have not even heard it yet.”

Rockbrary- “In terms of the artwork, you worked closely with Orion Landau and Lucas Ruggieri, di you guys guide them on the idea of the theme?”

Matt Harvey- “We worked pretty closely with the artists, because it is a concept album, Lucas was very patient with me. He and I went through the songs and bounced ideas off each other. He kind of visually capture the idea of each song and added the story telling aspect to the album and booklet inside. We kind of added the patterns to the graphic novel of Frankenstein, which is one of my favorite things. With Orion, we waned to have the feel of a horror VHS movie. I am really stoked on how it came out.”

Rockbrary- “The Anatomy act of 1832, it is a true act, the titled song itself is instrumental why did you decide to do it that way and not add lyrics to it?”

Matt Harvey- “Well the entire album is about the serious of murders in the United Kingdom, they were a sensational thing happening up until Jack The Ripper Came out. It was a good title and before we even started to write the lyrics or even had the idea of doing a concept album; I was thinking about doing an instrumental. My favorites bands Metallica and Maiden back in their days they had instrumental. It is not something you hear in a death metal album, at least not a seven minute song. It was kind of an experiment. Back in the day when we had our other bassist Matt, he was a stoner I am just not, its not my thing. But he would write these really long songs and I was really focused on writing really concise songs and I thought hey maybe it will be fun to try it, like an extended jam. People seem to like it so far.”

Rockbrary- “Has it ever occur of doing a tour with all three bands?”

Matt Harvey- “It is something that we’ve discussed briefly, it would be an endurance thing for me specially because I do vocals. If I had a band where I just play guitar, I think it would be a little bit easier. I would have to go on some serious cardio training, I have been doing 5k and that is not enough I would probably pass out.”

Rockbrary- “Well thank you for the time, and we will be seeing you at the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, keep delivering those great riffs.

Matt Harvey- “Thank you, we will see you then.”

If you are a lover of gore, and death metal make sure to check out the newest release of Exhumed out now via Relapse Records. This album has guitar riffs that will decapitate you, leaving your lifeless bodies on the ground. The work for demons is here and Death Revenge is their anthem.

Reported by: Hostile Jo

Catch Exhume on Tour

EXHUMED w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Necrot, Wormwitch:
11/01/2017 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA [tickets]
11/02/2017 HIFI Music Hall – Eugene, OR [tickets]
11/03/2017 Vinyl at Hard Rock – Lake Tahoe, NV [tickets]
11/04/2017 Phoenix Theater – Petaluma, CA # [tickets]
11/05/2017 KnotFest – San Bernardino, CA **
11/06/2017 Club Red – Mesa, AZ [tickets]
# = No Suffocation
** no Necrot, Wormwitch
w/ Arkaik:
11/15/2017 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
11/16/2017 The Garage – Ventura, CA
11/18/2017 Beauty Bar Las Vegas, NV
11/19/2017 Green Room – Flagstaff, AZ
11/21/2017 Alamo City Music – San Antonio, TX
11/24/2017 Club 529 –  Atlanta, GA
11/25/2017 Hideaway –  Johnson City, TN
11/26/2017 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
11/27/2017 Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
11/28/2017 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
11/29/2017 Sonia’s – Boston, MA
11/30/2017 Fuzebox – Albany, NY
12/01/2017 Buzzbin – Canton, OH
12/02/2017 Pike Room – Detroit, MI
12/03/2017 Northside Yacht – Cincinnati, OH
12/04/2017 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
12/05/2017 Reggies – Chicago, IL
12/06/2017 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
12/07/2017 Vaudeville Mews -Des Moines, IA

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