Exhumed- Official Music Video – Lifeless

exhumedband1It is known that Matt Harvey has been busy with Exhume, Gruesome and Expulsion creating old school thrash metal. Here is another footprint by this talented musician off their upcoming album. The track is titled Lifeless, off Death Revenge. The album will be out on Friday October 13th via Relapse Records.

This track is brutal, and meticulously sown together with that aggression metal needs. Soon after a 4 year hiatus, Exhumed unleashed a gruesome album, filled with gore and death. The ideas were boiling, and now that Exhumed is back on track be ready to rage and be blown away by this debilitating assault.

Issues frontman Matt Harvey: “Following sequentially through the album’s track list, we are stoked to lay ‘Lifeless’ on you. ‘Defenders Of The Grave’ is the introduction for the tale of Death Revenge and ‘Lifeless’ sets the actual plot that continues for the rest of the record in motion. Fitting with the vibe of the storyline as a whole, the clip focuses more on story elements and vibe rather than close up shots of guitar-noodling. I think it sets the tone nicely. Cheers!”

EXHUMED recently announced a short run of live dates in November with The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Decrepit Birth and more as well as a performance at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest on November 5th in San Bernardino, California. See confirmed dates below with additional live abrasions to be announced in the future.
11/01/2017 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
11/02/2017 HIFI Music Hall – Eugene, OR
11/03/2017 Vinyl at Hard Rock – Lake Tahoe, NV
11/04/2017 Phoenix Theater – Petaluma, CA #
11/05/2017 Ozzfest Meets KnotFest – San Bernardino, CA # **
11/06/2017 Club Red – Mesa, AZ
# = No Suffocation
** = No Necrot, Wormwitch

San Jose’s EXHUMED has blazed a path for modern-sensible old-school death metal since the band’s 1991 formation, when the band’s founder and sole remaining member Matt Harvey was a tender fifteen years old. EXHUMED spent much of the ensuing decade hacking their way through numerous lineups, demos, split CDs, and EPs. In 1998, the band finally released their debut album, the genre-(re)defining and critic-repulsing Gore Metal. The album crystallized the sound – old-school death metal meets full-on grindcore with the spirit of thrash – forged with their 1994 demo and first split CD (Horrific Expulsion Of Gore and 1996’s In The Name Of Gore respectively). The band envisioned the three releases as a trilogy of sorts.

Touring in support of Gore Metal brought the enlistment of then-bassist (now lead guitarist) Bud Burke to complete the lineup for the band’s long-awaited first US tour and festival appearances after Ross Sewage’s departure in 1999. EXHUMED upped the ante with their go-for-the-throat sophomore record Slaughtercult in 2001. The album blatantly blended the band’s brutal cult-thrash influences into its sonic meat-grinder. The band evolved further with their third album, 2003’s Anatomy Is Destiny, with more sophisticated arrangements, production, and instrumentation. After touring heavily in support of Anatomy… and the band’s massive two-CD compilation Platters Of SplatterEXHUMED realigned their personnel, and released an album of cover versions called Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated in 2005. Shortly thereafter, the band was put on indefinite hiatus.

After six years away from the scene and numerous other projects, Harvey, former members guitarist Wes Caley, and bassist/vocalist Leon del Muerte teamed up with drummer Danny Walker (Intronaut, Murder Construct, Phobia) for their acclaimed comeback album, All Guts, No Glory in 2011. The album earned them spots on numerous top 20 lists for 2011, including Decibel Magazine (#13) and Pitchfork’s Metal column Show No Mercy (#11). With the positive reception of the record, EXHUMEDundertook a grueling road schedule which led to the band finding a new full-time lineup. Mike Hamilton (Deeds Of Flesh, ex-Vile) took over the drum throne and Caley was eventually replaced by returning alumnus Bud Burke, this time on lead guitar.

Over the course of the years, EXHUMED has developed an impressive tour resume that includes visits to America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Iceland. The band has also performed at high-profile festivals including Maryland Deathfest, Wacken Open Air, Obscene Extreme, and Scion Rock Fest, in addition to tour packages like Summer Slaughter. Somewhere in the midst of all of the touring, EXHUMED found the time to write and record a new album, Necrocracy, released in 2013 to critical acclaim from publications like Decibel, New Noise, MetalSucks, Stereokiller, and PopMatters, all of whom included the album on the best-of lists for 2013.

EXHUMED followed up that release with a split alongside Relapse label-mates Iron Reagan (2014), and then returned to the studio to fully re-record their 1998 classic Gore Metal. The recording, titled Gore Metal: A Necrospective, also featured the return of bassist/vocalist Ross Sewage as well as completely new artwork and was packaged as a deluxe two-CD set. Now in 2017, EXHUMEDreturns with their first ever concept album in Death Revenge!

 Check out The Video To “Defenders of The Grave”

Michael “Bud” Burke – guitar, vocals
Michael Hamilton – drums
Matthew Harvey – guitar, vocals
Ross Sewage – bass, vocals
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