Gruesome “Dimensions Of Horror”


Photo by: Cristina Mariutto

What is this a video clip of Gruesome “Dimensions Of Horror”?  yes it is. We already did a quick review on their sound, which this is not that. We simply want to bring to you a quick glimpse of what is to come from the creators of classic death metal. Check out their sound in songs like “Forces of Death” and also “Raped By Darkness”. Yea get off your ass and head bang, stay tuned for their new album out soon. Dimensions Of Horror at its best! invites you to read up on the band or you can also check out more info here or click –>

There are some songs floating around the web and you can check them out. One song that is aggressive and horrific is –“Forces Of Death” -courtesy of Decibel Magazine as well as “Raped By Darkness” – courtesy of Revolver Magazine. For more info just view our page Here

Or Simply Do whats trendy and check out their social media and show the band some fucking love.


2 thoughts on “Gruesome “Dimensions Of Horror”

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