Obituary, Exodus and Power Trip Sell out the Teragram Ballroom

Exodus is currently touring with thrashers Power Trip, and Florida death metal legends Obituary. The Battle of The Bays tour is swiping the nation and bands that have impact and a huge following are selling out venues.

DSC_0188Power Trip from Dallas,  Texas sure knows how to get the crowd energized, they delivered tracks from their new album and fans raged. Power Trip plays loud, fast and heavy they do justice to their name with such brutal sound. Riley Gale on vocals unleashes his fury on stage as fans sing along proving that they have been studying their music. This singer gets off stage and sings to the fans, who raise their horns and scream with power. Guitarist Nick Stewart and Blake Ibanez demonstrate their monstrous skills as they deliver striking riffs, as they headbang and entice the crowd with furious solos. Bassist Chris Whetzel rocks hard and the depth of this powerful Texas band is spreading world wide. The relentless beating by Chris Ulsh on drums is mind blowing, all the energy expelled towards the fans made each and everyone of them thrash ruthlessly. Power Trip delivers an intense metal show that leaves fans breathless.

DSC_0437Exodus has been performing for 3 decades and their thrash metal is respected by fans and other bands as well. The quintet thrashed the scene, with some of the fans favorite tracks. The legendary guitarist and founder of Exodus Gary Holt did not perform, but the sound was riveting nonetheless. The sold out show in the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA exploded as soon as Tom Hunting sat on his throne and commenced hammering away the crowd went wild. From “Beautiful Disaster” to “Toxic Waltz” Exodus made each metal fan headbang and mosh nonstop. Lee Altus shreds with the skills of the metal god he is, while Jack Gibson thrashes the scene on bass. Steve “Zetro” Sousa emits powerful vocals while he admires his bandmates perform violently the meal that fans have worshiped for so long. The night was a demonstration of admiration for the metal bands that performed on stage. Guitar solos were abundant, and relentless drums explosions. Metal reigned once again and fans witnessed a brutal display of violent music, with Obituary closing the night fans were ecstatic.

DSC_0846Obituary, from Floriday went on stage and delivered what is known as the heaviest death metal sound. With Don Hardy on drums, a penetrating sound transverse through out the venue, meanwhile John Tardy on vocals savages the crowd. John Tardy headbangs as he delivers death metal vocals like no other, swaying his long hair side to side and brutalizing all before him. Both guitarist Kenney Andrews and Trevor Peres deliver a packed set of solos, with heavy powerful chords. The bass by Terry Butler is on point and the band in conjunction deliver a magnificent performance. As the fans chant “Slowly We Rot”, some are drinking beer, moshing, head banging and others watch as the band exhumes the death. The Battle of the fans had many winners, as the fans are the lucky ones. Bands like Exodus, Power Trip and Obituary can entice crowds and have a sold out show. They will continue to tour and deliver ominous music that aids metal heads to release some stress and rage in the name of what is the best sound. Hails to the bands that delivered their souls on stage, and continue to produce massive music.


Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photo by: Jose Barrientos


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