The Black Dahlia Murder- Nightbringers, A Savage Requiem In Hell

DSC_0050The Black Dahlia Murder has released a brutal compilation of sounds, some of which will enamor the dark souls. Their newest release titled- Nightbringer is the definition of melodic death metal with a touch of gore. Per usual, you will hear Trevor Strnad’s growling vocals that convey the darkest of imageries. Trevor Strnad’s vocals kick in on the initial track- “Widowmaker” as the track decapitates you with excruciating guitar riffs by Brandon Ellis and guitar virtuoso Brian Eschhach,  along heavy drumming by Alan Cassidy. Trevor growl’s welcoming you to your nightmare.

The Black Dahlia Murder have stepped out of their realm to deliver what is today’s darkest imminent melodic death metal. The violent attack continues as “Of God and Serpent, Of Spectre and Snake” ravages for 3:49 minutes. The macabre feel still resonates as the track’s tempo slows down a bit for the guitar solo to ease in with piercing godliness. If you want to hear classic TBDM, check out track “Matriarch”, a virulent composition, both relentless and heavy. This track has elements of the primary stages of The Black Dahlia Murder from lets say Miasma, or even the most recent release Abysmal. The track rips your spine out with intense drums and harmonics that interject and add chaos to this ravenous song.

DSC_0031The Black Dahlia Murder are undoubtedly progressing as musicians, with the production being spot on, this album is to metal heads what Halloween is to horror fans; a never dying masterpiece. The track “Jars” is an example of the skills both guitarist can deliver, conjuring false harmonics, with pull and choruses included in the background. The bridges are intense, they will floor you as you hear the bass slaying by Max Lavelle. Song after song, The Black Dahlia Murder delivers their infamous ravaging sounds and track “Kings of The Nightworld” will entice your senses with their malignant deliverance. Evil in its pure art form, guitar solos, piercing riffs and mind exploding drums will captivate the undead and have them moshing deep below purgatory. The record of the year, will certainly be this brutal creating by lords of melodic death metal, and Trevor and the gang will make you go ape sh!**, bring your neck brace out of the closet and make sure to have plenty of room while you mosh, headband and rage on to Nightbringers. Out now via Metal Blade Recods.

The band just finished touring in support of the Summer Slaughter Tour, and will commence their headlining tour with Necrot, Suffocation, Decrepith Birth and Wormwitch. For Full Detail check listings below, simply follow the links.

Written by: Hostile Jo

Please visit: – where an exclusive interview with front-man Trevor Strnad (written by Kim Kelly) can also be viewed. Read on for some reviews of the critically acclaimed Nightbringers:

“‘Nightbringers‘ is the album of the year.” –

“‘Nightbringers‘ makes for one of the band’s best records… if not their best.” –

“…’Nightbringers‘ is without a doubt the band’s best release since their 2007 breakthrough.” –

“While the Black Dahlia Murder have always been an impressive band, ‘Nightbringers‘ finds them on top of their game and performing better than ever before.” –

The Black Dahlia Murder online:



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