Haemorrhage- The Gruesome Sounds from The Depths of Hell

cover_1502236328765158The Spanish, grinders Haemorrhage will be releasing their brutal new album titled We Are The Gore, out October 6th, via Relapse Records. This record contains the classic sound of old school death metal with vicious licks, drum blast and morbid vocals. The album is a gruesome masterpiece, something right before halloween to entice your inner demons. Make sure to get your copy of this record as it slays. We had a chat with Luisma, the guitarist and purveyor of gruesome growls and he was very insightful, read more below.

Rockbrary- “The new album We are The Gore is a raw composition, how do you maintain such brutal sound?”

Luisma- “We just try to be ourselves and do what we like.”

Rockbrary- “What is important to you when you are recording a new album?”

Luisma- “The most important thing are the songs. If you have a bunch you have a good album. Production, studio, etc are secondary. Many of my favorite albums sound like shit but I love them because they have great songs. If the sound is good everything gets better but the songs are the number one.”

Rockbrayr- “This being your seventh studio album, do you ever find yourself wanting to experiment with other styles of metal?”

Luisma- “Yes, but not under Haemorrhage’s name. For example, Ana and myself have a Heavy Metal project called Steelforce with Carcass ex-guitarist Carlo Regadas but we’d never play this kind of music under Haemorrhage’s name cause it would be a swindle. We like if you play any Haemorrhage record you are sure we are the same. Of course it doesn’t mean to make the same all the time. That’s where a band must show their intelligence.”

Rockbrary- “During recording, does the band ever have time together in the studio working on their trackings?”

Luisma- “Yes, everything in the studio was perfect. We practiced these songs for a long time so in studio it was easy.”

Rockbrary- “The video to “Transporting Cadavers” is gory, with a sick guitar solo, as a grind band do you think it’s imperative to have guitar solos?”

Luisma- “No. There are songs in the album without guitar solos. It’s not an obligation. We always played guitar solos in the past but I must admit they’re most important in this album. Ana’s a rock star you know, hahaha.”

Rockbrary- “How is it working with your new drummer, Erik Raya? He sounds relentless on the record.”

Luisma- “Working with Erik is great. He’s young and very talented. Sometimes we must stop him cause he’s getting wild, but he’s a really talented musician. Not only a drummer. He also can play a lot of instruments. We’re happy we can have Erik in our band.”

Rockbrary- “Where do you draw your inspiration for your music?”

Luisma- “I guess from the music you like. I think it should be the same for all the musicians. You learn to play with songs you like. So when you are making your own stuff the influence comes in one way or another.”

Rockbrary- “Where do you plan on touring in support of this new killer record?”

Luisma- “We won’t play a classic tour with a bus and so on….but will be playing in festivals around the world. You can see us there.”

Rockbrary- “Death is all around us, why do you think “humans” shelter their lives from metal when we love the reality of it all, gruesome, death, and are not censored to such vile acts like murder, death, darkness etc…”

Luisma- “I think people prefer to live in a dream. I mean, they know there are death, murder, people suffering, hunger…but I think human mind is set to avoid this. If your band is singing about this is unpleasant for many.”

Rockbrary- “Metal is honest, and raw, do you think famous people like the Kardashians have a right to sale metal bands shirts are high prices or even sell them at all?”

Luisma- “I think Metal bands have the best logos and T-Shirt designs. That’s why they like it. In my opinion is nothing bad and nothing good. I mean when you put your stuff on sale you can’t decide who is buying it. For example, I don’t know if Donald Trump is buying “We Are The Gore”. If he does that we can do nothing. Our label would be happy, nothing else…hahaha.”

Rockbrary- “The recording process is different in the current days, do you prefer the modern-day style or enjoy the classic way, which was being in the studio with the band?”

Luisma- “I think modern recordings are so perfect. And so easy. You can’t hide your faults easily. I think old recording were true. That’s because old musicians were so great. If you are listening an old Black Sabbath album you know it’s what they did. There were no triggers, no computers, only LSD and weed.”

Rockbrary- “Do you think social media has hinder the sales of albums if so, how can you profit as a musician to continue making killer music?”

Luisma- “The only profit we can get as musicians is from gigs, and merch sales. The album royalties are nothing today. It’s funny we got more money with our old albums!”

Rockbrary- “Thank you for taking the time on these questions, we hope to see you in California soon.” 

Luisma- “California uber alles!! Hope to see you there soon!”


For more on this brutal album check out our page, and make sure you get your copy of this vile composition. Haemorrhage will devastate your ears with their classic metal sound and all head will roll. Stay tune for more on this.


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