Act of Defiance- Harrowing Your Innocence With “Old Scars, New Wounds”

actofdefiancenewEleven thrash metal tracks is what Acf of Defiance has packed in their upcoming album titled, Old Scars, New Wounds. The new record has elements of thrash metal with touches of modern hard rock riffs binding the fury together. Chris Broderick demonstrates why he is a talented, agile musician, not just a guitarist. Together, with Shawn Drover on drums, Matt Bachard on bass, and vocalist Henry Derek this quartet have compiled a brutal selection of metal tracks. From the kick off track M.I.A. which comes in strong with a guitar riff that illuminates your path, Act of Defiance has added another hook to the metal world.

The record was produced by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon) with tracking more on the modern side, Matt Manshark did his bass recording at South Hampton, MA. Meanwhile Drover’s drums were blasting and captured at Atlanta’s Glow in The Dark Studios, this record came to be what it is now, a giant, destroying anything in its path.  The track- “Molten Core” blasts away with an intense brutal hammering on drums and a furious guitar, some black metal elements merging into heavy metal. Henry Derek’s vocals show versatility in this track, goring out and screaming with depth. This song will make your body jerk and the adrenaline kicking in will carry you to the moshpit, a brutal one indeed. There is no lack of guitar solos, as Broderick defies the laws of biology and his fingers shred down that fret board like only a  genius can. The bass on this track is imminent and will blast your head off with it’s fury. If you are looking for a more modern sound, check out the track “Over Exposure”, it has harmony and invigorating drums, with a lot of perfectly executed clean singing by Henry, and the guitar riffs are perfectly arranged.

Each melodic, thrash metal song has catchy riffs, with anger in each scream by Henry Derek, he certainly outdid himself on this record. Act of Defiance gained chemistry and experience as a band during their intense tour for the promotion of their debut album, Birth and The Burial and in this astonishing thrash metal album, Chris Broderick outshines his previous work; even with his old band. That being stated, the eleven songs in this record will have you smashing things up, you might need a neck brace soon after you check out this catastrophic composition of true heavy thrash metal. The record will be out on September 29th, via Metal Blade Records, make sure to preorder your copy and check out the video to “Over Exposure” right below.

Written by: Hostile Jo


Old Scars, New Woundstrack-listing:
1. M.I.A.
2. Molten Core
3. Overexposure
4. The Talisman
5. Lullaby of Vengeance
6. Circle of Ashes
7. Reborn
8. Conspiracy of the Gods
9. Another Killing Spree
10. Broken Dialect
11. Rise of Rebellion

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