Accept- Proves Their Power, With Heavy Metal At The Saban Theater

DSC_0312When you attend a heavy metal show, the few thoughts that run through your mind are: “Will there be beer?”, “What is the set list?”, “How big will the moshpit be?”, and “What kind of merchandise will I get?” Then you have a show that is hosted at The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, first off the noise protocol prohibit bands from being too loud and playing past 12:00am, second off, what metal band dares book a show in Beverly Hills? Well, the band who dare book a show in that area is Accept, and guess what, they don’t give a damn about noise regulations so you know their set list will be insane. Therefore, when Accept, directly from Germany, comes to the states, they play wherever the hell they want. Not only are fans going to see them at an all seating venue, but they are going to rock the hell out so you better be there. A quaint, fancy rendevouz with Accept is what all metal heads need and The Saban Theater was the perfect location for that intimate display of heavy metal riffs.

DSC_0798The band Accept has been delivering heavy metal riffs since 1976, one of their most popular song is “Balls to The Wall”, yes ram them balls to the wall. However, Accept just released a brutal heavy metal album titled The Rise of Chaos via Nuclear Blast Records, where each track delivers leather-bound riffs and head banging anthems. The quaint show at The Saban Theater was an all seating venue, however we all know heavy metal fans love to follow rules right, well they all seem to have forgotten that, and all denim long haired beast raised their horns and rattled their heads relentlessly. The band played a two hour set, one filled with intense metal anthems like “Metal Heart” and one of their new tracks “Die By The Sword” and the fans raged to each guitar riff, drum blast and vocal eagle scream. The band has years of work behind them and they display it on stage. Their set allows the fans to connect with the theme, and each member interacts with the fans as they shred away or simply play until your ears bleed.

DSC_0484Accept will deliver a profound sound that will intensify as the set list goes on. If you want heavy metal, then you better show up to this congregation. You will see Wolf Hoffmann deliver some guitar solos that will make your skin crawl, and Mark Tornillo will sing his heart out as you chant along with him. The band rehearses a few days prior to the show, but don’t let that fool you; as they will destroy the stage with their musicianship. Peter Balte’s  and Wolf Hoffmann’s chemistry on stage is like the two brothers who know each other so well, they point at one another as if it were an inside joke, except they do it when a great riff is about to be delivered. On the other corner you have Uwe Lulis punishing you with his rhythm guitar as the band destroys the stage. There is a killer drum solo during this performance and is it up to you to see it during their live show coming on September 26, at the Irving Plaza in New York City. Their tour will cover four North American venues followed by their world tour and only you can witness this at a venue near you.


Writen by: Jose Barrientos

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

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26.09.  USA     New York, NY – Irving Plaza
28.09.  USA     Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
29.09.  USA     Saint Charles, IL – The Arcada
30.09.  USA     Pasadena, CA – The Rose

ACCEPT Worldwide Dates
10.09.  J          Fukuoka – Drum Logos
12.09.  J          Osaka – Umeda Club Quattro
13.09.  J          Nagoya – Bottom Line
14.09.  J          Tokyo – Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
17.09.  AUS     Melbourne – 170 Russell
15.11.  BR       Florianópolis – Teatro Ademir Rosa
17.11.  RA       Buenos Aires – El Teatro Flores
19.11.  ROU     Montevideo – Sala del Museo
21.11.  RCH     Santiago – Teatro Cariola
23.11.  PY       Asuncion – Sala Garcia Lorca de la Manzana de la Rivera
25.11.  CO       Bogota – Festival del Diablo III
27.11.  CR       San Jose – Peppers


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