Somber Clouds Over Los Angeles As Incantation, Marduk and Abysmal Dawn Purveyed Astonishing Requiems

DSC_0096It has been known that death metal and black metal can be controversial. However, to metal heads and lovers of real music, that vexed music draws them into the turmoil and fuels their dark soul. Marduk, Incantation and Abysmal Dawn set foot on stage and the fans were ready for the brutality set forth.

Abysmal Dawn, a Southern California local, brought some heavy artillery with their set. Charles Elliot can both shred skillfully and gore with demonic vocals to intricate songs like “Grotesque Modern Art”, a savage song that will brutalize your senses from the beginning with cannons by James Coppolino and deep bass notes by Eliseo Garcia. The bassist Eliseo Garcia picks at that bass guitar with skill as he growls vicious back up vocals. The ensamble fills the stage with magnetic energy, one which draws you in simply to spit you out with rage; will certainly have you returning for more. The band will be touring with Marduk and Incantation the entire tour, make sure to get out there and witness such power.

DSC_0455Soon after that maelstrom by Abysmal Dawn, Incantation, lords of death metal, ravaged the stage. With both guitarists, John Mcentee and Sonny Lombardozzi shredding and decapitating fans with their heavy palm muted riffs; Incantation conquered Los Angeles. On Bass, Chuck Sherwood added a profound sound, which shook the venue as the powerful sonic waves lifted me up off my feet. If you want to see a drummer who slays away with ease  and style keep an opened eye when you experience this live show; as Kyle Severn is a master of his craft. This Pennsylvania quartet will blow your brains out with their intense riffs, and songs like “Muse” off their newly released album titled “Profane Nexus” via Relapse Records.  The style of singing by Jonh Mcentee can cause internal bleeding as his ravenous larynx expels gruesome lyrics. Fans adored the song and at each false harmonic delivered by Sonny Lombardozzi the fans rage intensified. This band has the sound of demons punishing sinful souls in hell, which was where the gathering took place.

DSC_0959Marduk brought friends to burn venues down with their perpetual black metal, and fans hailed their songs. As the previous bands delivered pure evil, Marduk reanimated those souls in the trenches. Marduk played ominous tracks like “Frontschwein”, a melodic black metal entrance, which darkens as it progresses. Mortuus sang savagely delivering blasphemous lyrics filled with dark energy. The venue resonated as Morgan played those malignant requiems accompanied by Devo’s glorifying bass. Morgan delivers his soul on stage, playing with brutality and wrath, leaving no prisoners. Fredrik Widigs, the skillful drummer unleashes intrepid drum blasts that will floor any living corpse.  Marduk raised hell and the pit intensified as they played our favorite song “Materialized in Stone”, a classic tune which brings back memories of our high school years playing this during our lunch break. I digressed, all in all the darkness was abundant, and evil songs were hailed, you must watch these bands and hail black metal on your way to church, to burn it that is. Check more dates here of this blasphemous gathering. 

-Hostile Jo

Photos By- Jose Barrientos


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