Summer Slaughter 2017

DSC_0994The Summer Slaughter 2017 had a brutal line up, from black metal, deathcore to death metal. Bands like Dying Fetus brought their heavy artillery and projected intense tones toward fans. Dying Fetus recently released their new studio record titled, Wrong One To Fuck With, a gruesome destructive force. Their gore will disintegrate your body with no mercy. Their set is heavy, and propelled by blast from the cannons which relentlessly are beaten by Trey Williams, who since 2007 has been brutalizing your ears. On guitars and  vocals you have John Gallagher pulling your spine out with the fierce guitar riffs Dying Fetus knows how to punish you with. Bassist Sean Beasley delivers a neck breaking tone which  mutilates the living. Dying Fetus performed a gruesome set, providing all a metal head can ask for.

Another band that was intense and relentless was Rings of Saturn, their progressive death metal was fine tuned and executed majestically. Miles Demitri Barker on lead guitar shredded away making your neck roll off your head. His ability on guitar is god like, as he delivers intricate guitar bridges, solos and rhythms that will have you raging in the pit. DSC_0285Vocalist, Ian Bearer, has some intense chords which project vile and scientific violence across the room. His persona, on stage is grandiose and wrecks with brutality the venues’ walls with his sonic vocals. The set they performed was amazing, it transcended your body to another dimension with their illusive guitar riffs and their callous drum explosions. Aaron Stechauner, on drums blows your mind with his skills and blasts projected at fans. Rings of Saturn recently released their 4th full  studio album titled Ultu Ulla, via Nuclear Blast and the hallucinogenic sounds in this album require no drugs to see objects warping. The Faceless fronted by Ken Sorceron tone the brutality down to add their non-commercial technical blackened metal. Their sound is heavy, steady and gives you enough time to rage to tracks that are, lets just say longer than two tracks. Their dark ominous riffs will surely instill a macabre feeling in you, as the guitars expelled fast meticulous riffs by Michael Keene and Ken Sorceron, the fans rage on the floor.

The energy which spewed out of this bands body was contagious, we are talking about Origin’s intense set. The band delivers decapitating songs, with heavy guitars by Paul Ryan and a killer bass by Mike Flores. These two bass and guitar players move their hands at speed that should be illegal. DSC_0387Mike Flores fingers are swift and on point, delivering rapid notes to each track. While Paul Ryan’s right hand strums the guitar strings with versatility and the speed of light. Each music note can be heard clearly with out a mishap. The energy level which explodes from Jason Keyser’s body fuels the crowd and they raise hell in the pit. Origin just released the titled album, Unparalleled Universe, via Nuclear Blast another brutal collection you must own. The fans witnesses Oceano wrecked the stage with their furious breakdowns and heavy riffs. The monstrous vocals by Adam Warren will rip your spine out, a brutal deep voice that is demonic. The breakdowns are loved by fans, and they raged in the mosh pit, crowd surfed and viciously sang along with the band. Kevin Hare on bass delivers depth, while the drums by Danny Terchin and guitar by Andrew Mikhail wrecked fans minds with their intensity.

DSC_0134The night was brutal, fans raged and remained energized for the closing act, the masters of blackened death metal The Black Dahlia Murder. This band played their album Nocturnal in full and the fans did not seized to rage. The dark set was both vicious and murderous as each vocal was sung with rage and fury by Travis Strnad. They have a new guitaris,t ex-Sylosis Brandon Ellis, and this guitar virtuoso delivers each riff with precise fingering. The fans went ape Sh!7 as The Black Dahlia Murder played songs like “I Worship Only What You Bleed”, bassist Max Lavelle destroyed the stage with the immense bass lines this track has. The double pedal and intrepid hammering by Alan Cassidy are incomparable and definite neck breakers. Both guitarist played a brutal set, Brian Eschbach is the mighty god of TBDM riffs and he delivered each riff according to the album, however live was grotesque and virulent. A short set is what this one felt like, but TBDM delivered the most atrocious of their songs performing a new track off their upcoming album. The Black Dahlia demonstrated why they are the masters of brutal riffs, and intense imminent music. The Summer Slaughter will go down on the books as the time progressive, grind core and The Black Dahlia Murder made your mind explode.

-Hostile Jo


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