The Repentless Tour- Slayer, Behemoth and Lamb of God Tearing The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Up.

Behemoth demonstrated that they are the masters of Blackened Death metal last night at The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in, Las Vegas Nevada. Vocalist, Nergal, fronted Behemoth and displayed a brutal attack on all raging fans. Seth shredded to some intense tracks like “The Satanist”, and “Chant of Eschaton”. The ritual that awakened the souls of thousands of metal heads resonated in the venue. Orion provided sinful bass notes making this gathering darker and brutal.  The ensemble portrayed a dark energy in the venue, only what is required in events like this. Light was shed upon those who witnessed this ritual, and their minds were blown away. The creators of brutal dark death metal riffs punished those who have never seen them before with music enigma, and made each fan enter a realm of darkness and pure adrenaline. Behemoth’s energy on stage is powerful, and their presence is unholy! We highly encourage all lovers of great music to allow them selves to be enchanted by this band, and hail Behemoth.

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Soon after the place was burnt down by Behemoth, Lamb of God purveyed some astonishing metal songs with Randy Blythe releasing intense energy and brutal vocals. Willie Adler played heavy rhythms and projected his energy toward the crowd with each guitar riff. Bassist John Campbell slaps some fast bass beats with ease and skill, while Chris Adler hammers away behind his throne. The band Lamb of God has a crafty guitarist named Mark Morton, and he displayed talent on stage ravaging all fans. Lamb of God is the true all American metal that will make you loose control and the floor trembles as they play.

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The masters of thrash metal, Slayer will continue to reign this realm with their legendary sound and brutal speed on both guitars. Gary Holt has stepped up to the front and dominated each Slayer track, from “War Ensemble” to “Raining Blood”, with Kerry King in lead guitar; Slayer destroyed the ears of each metalhead in the venue. The moshpit was half the crowd as Slayer ravaged them with amazing foot work, and hammering by Paul Bostaph. The relentless drum beating was statically received by all the metal heads, thrashers who have been fans of this brutal force since the early 80’s. The commander Tom Arraya’s vocals intensified as each heavy riff and cannon blast destroyed the stage. Tom Arraya still has that brutal sound he expels with force and violence. Slayer will for years to come set the world on fire with their vicious metal and talent. Slayer amped the crowd, and there is no way of enjoying a show with out the fans energy, and devotion for this band. A set list like no other, with tracks: “Antichrist” and “Disciple” being among the many Slayer thrashed the scene with, it is a show to remember and walk out raving about, if you did not get injured in that brutal pit of course. Slayer, Behemoth and Lamb of God have showed why they are the most loved bands world wide, with their hard work, intense touring and ominous metal, they have earned the crowd’s respect and devotion. For decades to come, and more albums to be released all three bands will forever destroy stages in their path.

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Written By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos





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