Revocation and Friends Pulverize Studio Seven in Seattle

Seattle the home of grudge was taken by surprise with some brutal extreme death metal by bands like Withered, Suffocation, Revocation and legendary Morbid Angel. Studio Seven took a beating during this insane display of metal. The opening act was Beltfed Weapon, a riveting act that swept the stage in the early hour of the night. Beltfed delivered powerful riffs and a plethora of finger licking riffs. The vocalist is a cross between Rob Halford with his clean vocals and a demon goring out during songs they brutally performed. This band has skills both on guitars and drums, the entire ensemble is definitely worthy of opening for the other brutal acts like Withered.

DSC_0142Withered a band that plays heavy sludge brutal metal came out to play those tones. Their set was powerful from beginning to end, as the quartet punched you in the throat with depth in the bass (Colin Marston) and cannon explosions on the drums (Beau Brandon). The gore being expelled out of vocalist (Mike Thompson) resonated in the venue. The punishing ear piercing blackened death metal riffs were intense. The atmosphere was thickening due to the brutal sounds Withered delivered, straight from Atlanta, Georgia this band raged on stage head banging and skillfully playing their weapons of mass destruction. Their set consisted of track from their latest opus, “ Grief Relic” and if you have not heard this brutal record make sure you get it. Songs like “Leathery  Rind” will make you lose your senses. The mosh pit was definitely on fire during their set.

DSC_0492The fire was started only to welcome Revocation on stage, their technical death metal live was enjoyed by the fans. The talent David Davidson has to control the guitar and make it sound brutal is incomparable. His Jackson spoke to the dark souls of those present, teamed up with Dan Gargiulo; their powerful skills wrecked havoc on stage. This Boston technical death metal band has all the essentials needed to succeed in this genre, from the catastrophic cannon blasts on drums by Ash Pearson to the depth added to each track on bass by Brett Bamberger. Revocation played a very intense set, track after track filled with guitar solos, heavy riffs and technical sounds. The complexity of this band on stage definitely allowed the fans to rage and create a virulent mosh pit. Revocation opened up the way for Suffocation by fueling their fans with aggressive melodies.

DSC_0580Suffocation from Long Island, New York came on stage and ravaged all that was left alive by Revocation. Their incomparable sound is a barrage of blows to the throat. The band has their chemistry on stage, as Derek Boyer rages with his killer bass skills. While Charlie Errigo and Terrance Hobbs split guitar riffs, chopping all in front of them in half. Their furious guitar solos pierce you from with in and make fans loose their mind. The fans enjoyed every single track, and celebrated this sound with relentless moshing. Eric Morotti has a brutal technique on drums, providing fast and heavy blasts. Their discography is the evidence which this bass leaves behind, and sole key  of their devastating sound. Their live performance consisted of class tracks like “Pierced from Within”, “Catatonia” and some new freshly released tracks off their recent album …of the Dark Light. The catastrophic sounds purveyed by Suffocation will forever be materialized in the walls of Studio Seven, Seattle.

DSC_0729The legendary death metal band Morbid Angel was ready to tear their fans into pieces with their ominous sound. The reunion of this iconic death metal band was a savage one. With Dan Vadim Von on guitars and Scott Fuller on drums, Morbid Angel had a new line up. The only original member, Trey Azagthoth teamed up with Steve Tucker a later addition since the incarnation of this band. Morbid Angel was back at it again. The fans went berserk the minute Morbid Angel projected their powerful death metal. A lot of classic songs were played with the inclusion of a brand new track, but will not spoil it. If you are attending the show tonight in Los Angeles you will find out. Morbid Angel still has that heaviness and death metal energy. Morbid Angel is back and they will be releasing a new studio album near the end of this year. Their live show is brutal and filled with ravaging guitar riffs. The explosions on the drums will deafen you, bring some ear plugs or bleed out.

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