Excommunion- Thronosis Will Incinerate Your Soul

Excommunion---Thronosis-coverExcommunion will unleash a decapitating sound with their upcoming album titled Thronosis, this coming Friday May 12th. The album will be released via Dark Descent Records, recorded, mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero and Excommunion. The first track titled “Twilight of Eschaton” strikes with force since second one. This track is heavy, filled with gruesome vocals by Christbutcher, backed up by explosive drum work by Gordon Koch. The track will penetrate your soul with force, leaving you without hope, slowly dying. The rhythm in minute 2:45 with the tremolo guitar prepares you for a doom like sound, which punishes you with demonic style (Kyle Spanswick). This Seven minute song is packed with evil and malignant forces. The album it self is a rendition to a life time in penance, repenting your sins in the fiery pits of hell, while demons eat away at your soul.

The sounds excreted by the band on the track titled “Nemesis” are imminent. The song starts mellow, but picks up 40 seconds through giving you a barrage of pain; a relentless beating. In minute 3:30 a hammering and guitar ensemble are detonating bombs; resembling a bit like Cannibal Corpse in those hammering riffs and brutal drums. This Colorado band has the cojones of a rabid demon, and they will inflict pain with each sludgy riff, brutal drums and ravage your body as the songs speed up. Death metal like this needs to be composed more often, Excommunion will obliterate your soul. The four track LP is amazing, each song will give you the wrath of demons for 6-7 minutes, as evil rises so will this band claim their throne. This brutal album is relentless, perpetual and a malignant masterpiece. Make sure to get your copy of Thronosis , here is what the band had to weigh in on this album.

“In death we are born again, to rise once more with new form, beneath the Shadow of the Logos. Old doctrines are cast into the abyss and old flesh flensed and given to the flames of pyres. Let only the old name remain as our epithet. Let all else burn and fall from this new and glorious form within the paradoxical light of a greater heresy. In death, Excommunion arises once more…”

Written By: Hostile Jo


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