Inherit Disease- New Track Release, “Divergence”

Inherit Disease a band filled with pure vile guitar riffs, this is what brutal death metal sounds like. From the technicality of their guitar riffs, to the brutal speed of the drums Inherit Disease has been mutilating since 2002, straight from the hot valley of Ventura, California. The vocalist Obie Flett sound is decapitating as he growls like a possessed body, making it deep and extreme. The band has had multiple band line up changes, which allowed them to improve their sound and figure out exactly how they want to play. Their technicality on the guitars is owed to Derek De Roos, and the second guitarist added in 2012 Tom Wilson. Choppy, heavy and brutal is how these guitarists like to approach their songs. With tremolo being included in the essential parts of the songs Inherit Disease give you a brutal assault. inheritdiseaseThey are going to release their new album titled, ‘Ephemeral’ and have released a new track from that full record named “Divergence”. This song contains all the elements of their previous work as they have definitely evolved and sound even heavier. The drums are fast and creative by Dan Osborn.They are reaching into your gut and pulling all organs out through your mouth with this song. This album will be available on April 8th, via Unique Leader Records. The album was recorded at Seahorse Sound Studios by Samur Khouja and mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at Tsun Tsun Productions. You can check out their song “Divergence” on the links below, courtesy of Decibel Magazine and “Spiritual Paralysis” on you tube. Check out the atrocious music of Inherit Disease based on man vs. machine, war and death, all the right elements for brutal death metal.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

The Band is:

Josh Welling- Bass

Obie Flett- Vocals

Derek De Roos- Guitars

Tom Wilson- Guitars


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