Liv Sin, a Name to A Modern Metal Sound

LIV_IMG_0462_post-mortem.sec2017-7Liv “Sin” Jagrell will make a powerful statement with her upcoming new album release and new band LIV SIN. The album is set to hit stores on April 28th, Via Despotz Records. After calling it quits with her previous successful band Sister Sin, Liv decided to continue her metal career fronting LIV SIN. Their anticipated album titled Follow Me, is filled with heavy metal riffs, and metal gods vocals. If you are searching for some impact on heavy metal, make sure to order your copy of this juggernaut. Patrick Ankermark on guitars punishes your ears with striking guitar solos that will make you headbang relentlessly. The first track to this album comes strong since the beginning, there is no break to breathe as the song has hammering drums by Per Bjelovuk  and gets depth from Tommie Winther’s bass lines. The track titled “The Fall” will remind you of metal gods like Judas Priest and Primal Fear. The second track “Hypocrite” follows with a sick guitar note that is deep and neck breaking. Both guitarist Chris Bertzell and Patrick Ankermark composed a magnificent sound during this track, the drums are cannons exploding at each shriek by Liv Sin.

After many years of experience Liv is dishing out the power in her lungs with strong vocals. As you get  to track four “Black Souls”, you can hear the ability of guitarist Chris and Patrick which is not dwindling, their sound remains strong and melodic. The Swedes know how to play metal, it has been written over and over, this album is a powerful modern metal for both old and new fans of this genre. A resonating sound on track “Godless Utopia” will leave your ears ringing, as each guitar note and drum blast speeds up, this track is a for the metal masses to let go, and explode with nostalgia moshing  and thrashing. This lead singer is an example of what metal vocals are about, lower voice, loud screams and high pitch notes. Rob Halford would be proud of such powerful voice, and all the ladies in the metal world proudly support such magnitude in Liv’s sound. The album is a stepping stone for Liv Sin, but in a world that will admire this sound, one can only imagine their intensity live. Liv has a humble message to her long time fans-

“I’m just here to get back on a stage and get the new music out to the fans. It’s that simple.”  -Liv “Sin” Jagrell


Written By: Hostile Jo

Photos Property of Despotz Records


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