Kreator, Horrendous, Obituary, and Midnight: A Decibel Magazine Tour

DSC_0151A gathering of the masses: guys with long hair, girls wearing shirt bands, different cultures, diverse nationalities; all attending a metal show. March 24th, was the dark night when all these different people joined forces to witness some of the best metal bands out there. Bands like, Horrendous, Obituary, Midnight and Kreator swept the Orange County, with their aggressive sounds and uplifting lyrics. The place was like a sardine can, packed from wall to wall; the only thing holding raving fans from falling over.

The Orange County Observatory, is one of the venues you either fill or do not, and the above mentioned bands had no problem selling out the show. For weeks, the Decibel Magazine Tour in the Santa Ana location had been sold out, all thanks to the love for metal. Acts like Horrendous, a Philadelphia native death metal band warmed up the fans for what was to be a brutal night. The lines were long, in the ticket booth a signed read, “No More tickets, the show is still sold out, Not even one ticket is available”, yet I still heard die hard fans asking for a ticket at will call. The moment of desperation makes you sweat, knowing that you are outside the venue where Midnight is about to destroy the stage. DSC_0886The hooded band members of Midnight are no gimmicks, they shred vivaciously their guitars and execute and outstanding drumming (SS). The band is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and their sound is speedy and dark. Their songs pumped the crowd, and stage divers were rabidly reaching the barricade. A barricade that withheld 1000 strong, only object dividing people that night. MIdnight’s frontman Athenar, rages on stage, as Vanik,  shreds his soul away on tracks like “You Can’t Stop the Steel” and “Satanic Royalty”. This band definitely draws inspiration from bands like Venom, and Bathory, as their speedy music pierces your ears, and the drums like grenades explode amid all the nostalgia. Their set is an eruption of energy, and the fans before them lavish in it with desire to hear more satanic tracks. The moshpit grows and intensifies with each guitar solo. Midnight, one of the darkest and furious bands from Ohio, is ravaging stages.

Legends are made, in the case of Obituary, they were born. Obituary recently released their self titled album Obituary, an opus one must not ignore. The band has been in the battlefield for quite some time, as the Hardy brothers continuously dish out brutal death metal. Fans lined up to collect their gear, all waiting for Obituary to come out and annihilate their ears with songs like “Slowly We Rot” and “Sentenced Day”. Formerly known as Executioner, Obituary brought their brutal death metal to California straight from Tampa, Florida. DSC_0035Fans from all walks of life shared the common urge to moshpit, drink beer and rage, as Obituary would with ease sway them to their deep toned guitars splattering brains with meticulous drum work. John Tardy, the lead singer walks on stage, swinging his two foot long hair as he violently projects his vocals to ecstatic fans. Meanwhile, both guitarist on one side Kenny Andrews and Trever Peres purveyed death in style and furiously head banging to songs like “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” and “A Lesson In Vengeance” two tracks off their crushing new album. As loud as their sound was that night, you could certainly hear bones crushing while Don Tardy (drums) and Terry Butler (bass) gave depth to the band’s ominous sound. Obituary brings out the demons in you with their slow churn, building up to what will be a mass grinding of souls as all fans collide in the pit.

The final act was one to dream of, as Kreator entered the stage the glorious night has just begun. For years Kreator has not played in the States, and this past Saturday they deemed them selfs lords of the thrash metal scene with their maelstrom performance. Kreator recently released their titled album Gods of Violence, a tremendous thrash metal record via Nuclear Blast. The fans raged prior to this act rising up on stage, but now all bets were off as mayhem was ensued by thirsty metal fans. Ventor, sits behind his throne, as Sami Yli Sirnio takes left stage side, while Christian “Speeser” Giesler takes right stage side, joined by Mille Petrozza. DSC_0622Kreator, unleashes their fury and hate anthem with songs like “Violent Revolution” and “Flag Hate”. The German band’s chemistry and flawless execution of their instruments levitates fans as the packed mad house erupts with energy. The pits of hell were unleashed on the floor as Kreator portrayed intense music. Riff after riff and  drum blasts after another the venue withstood blows from these sonic waves. The set included songs from early album to their obvious release, and the crowd chanted and thrashed to each single track. The gods of thrash metal raised hell and was received with pleasure, while the beer poured freely, some fans were getting bloody noses, others head banging on the side. All that energy was fed to Kreator, and horns were raised, fans were levitated at the commencement of the titled track “World War Now” , a new anthem for metal fans. The night had to come to an end, after nonstop neck breakers and rapid guitar solos the band played their last tune to a delirious fanbase, “Pleasure to Kill”. Kreator, un-doubtfully and skillfully became the best live thrash metal band with non-stop aggression being projected sonically on stage.

The dark night saw some light, stage light that gave sight to death metal, thrash metal and brutal personas. Horrendous displayed a brutal assault to your ears with death metal. The darkness projected by Midnight was evil, and morbid with a fancy sound. Obituary brought their slow churned death metal, exploding in sequences that instill rage and euphoria on fans, while Kreator took the show, all acts were decapitating and masters of their own sound. A sound fans gathered to hear, and share an elbow or two to the face. Decibel Magazine had done it again joining metal fans together for a savage night.

Written By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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