Warbringer: Carries the Thrash Metal Flag

The metal world is about to be reborn with the sounds of shredding guitars, and drum blast by bands like Warbringer, Exmortus, Havock and Ophiuchus. The furious guitar riffs pervaded The Whiskey A Go Go, a packed mad house; filled with souls fond of thrash metal.

The Big Four, godfathers of the scene, would be proud to see guys on stage like Jadran DSC_0820Gonzalez and Javier Rivera making their guitars tell stories of war and shriek like no other. Both guitarist are the dynamic duo of Exmortus; think Marty Friedman and Dave Mustaine, in Rust in Peace. Their guitar skills are out of this world, with explosive whammy sounds, and destructive hammering. The band has a unique chemistry and extraordinary style of captivating the crowd. The crowd, a pack of thirsty wolves, craving guitar riffs, solos and virulent drum blasts; moshed relentlessly as Exmortus would play tracks like “Death To Tyrants”. The duo also played a majestic rendition to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (act 3), and the crowd moshed even harder, loving each guitar note. Exmostus is on the rise, straight from Whittier, California and they will be bringing hell to all European countries they set foot on. The stage was a witness to an early display of extreme heavy metal sounds by Ophiuchus, a band from Los Angeles. This band is heavy, and has been on the trenches since 2008, unleashing a plethora of magnificent riffs and the sounds blasted from cannons were abundant. The West Coast is breeding a pleasurable amount of metal bands, and another band purveying that thrash metal sound is Havok.

DSC_0033Havok, a Denver, Colorado outfit has been slaying infidels for years, and with their new album titled Confirmicide, they have made their call for arms. This band is fronted by David Sanchez, a politically inclined musician. This man plays with such ease, his guitar skills are at a supreme level, and his vocals will raise the hairs on your spine. The Whiskey was set a blaze as Havok, walked up stage, playing songs from their new released album, the fans raged and partied hard. As beer was poured, explosive drums were decapitating fans, and brutal sounds were diffusing capturing all that were present. This is the time for Havok to rise and bring metal to the table, and they are surely wrecking shit up. The fans praised this band, by creating the famous circle pit and headbanging relentlessly. Reece Scruggs, lead guitarist, shreds like a guitar god projecting his brutal sound toward the rabid crowd, as the metal pours out willingly. This is what a thrash metal show should consist of, riffs after riffs, and powerful bass lines that will give depth to the already heavy air in the atmosphere. Join the cause, raise your horns and headbang as this Colorado band is deployed to Europe.

DSC_0326The night was not over, as all other acts had dished out thrash sounds, and fans raised hell as Warbringer incinerated the venue with their destructive music. Thrash metal has been revived, Warbringer annihilated each standing soul with their speed and melodic sound. Once again, a California local, straight from Ventura, Warbringer ravaged the stage with their insidious sound. John Kevil, a very mellow guy, instills fury on people’s hearts with his astonishing vocals. The hell they portray on stage resonates on the minds of all those standing before them and the crowd loses their shit. The band is very well seasoned, with many previous acts on his belt, Jessie Sanchez has given this band a giant sound, it is obvious his knowledge and skills influenced Warbringer’s sound. Meanwhile Chase Becker destroys his guitar with heavy metal tones that have not been heard in a while. As metal evolves, Warbringer does too, however they kept that overdrive sound, thrash riffs and tremendous drum explosiveness this genre requires. The fans went berserk as Warbringer gave them hell, playing songs from previous albums, and giving the fans a taste of some of their new tracks from their upcoming release Remain Violent.

The band is on their way to conquer Europe, along with Exmortus and Havok, this is a war waged on pop music, and all other tasteless sounds played on radios globally. The Allies have joined forces, not only are they swaying metal fans off their feet with their astonishing metal continuance, but they have kept thrash metal alive, giving each track they create a unique sound with a classic touch of aggressiveness. Thrash metal is back on the menu, thanks to the courages, talented and creative metalheads like Warbringer. Theses three acts will carry the flag, and propagate what so little amount of bands have the courage to instill, Thrash Metal; it is on the rise again.

Written By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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