Metal Blade 35 years of Brutality

The man that put  Slayer, Metallica and other bands on the metal radar,Brian Slagel, celebrated 35 years of pure heavy, raw deadly metal at The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, CA. The line up consisted of a variety of genres, from Deathcore to Heavy Metal, the fans gathered to witness a festive brutal show.The tour was sponsored by The Noise, made possible at the Belasco Theater.  The Belasco was alive once more, this time metal fed this venue, and the walls withstood the aggressive sound waves projected by bands like Necromancing The Stone, Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon, Goatwhore and Whitechapel. The opening act, Necromancing The Stone are a furious heavy meal band, with amazing guitar melodies and drum work that will floor you. The band sounds amazing live, their album does no justice to how amazing they play live. This is a band one must watch, and headbang until your head rolls off your damn neck. For the sake of metal, this band needs to tour more as their double bass pedal will surely make your head explode. They have unleashed their debut album via Metal Blade Records titled Jewel of The Vile, a masterpiece.

DSC_0181The melody of guitars was about to be executed majestically, as the next act followed. Allegaeon, from Denver, Colorado went on stage and completely destroyed it, with brutal pick sweeping by Michael Stancel, who shreds on his Legator Guitar. We had the chance to see him execute “Dyson Sphere” at the NAMM convention in 2016, but live on stage he shreds like a guitar god. Greg Burgess teamed up with Michael to give us what is a goliath of  guitar sounds, with intricate tapping, and crucial slides, and that melodic death metal Allegaeon dishes out with great impact. Meanwhile, Brandon Park would hammer on the drums, as the sound erupted, Brandon would relentlessly smash away. The perfect sound, melodies and depth could only have a gore like that of Riley McShane, as he virulently conveyed scientific messages across the Belasco. Allegeaon has released a handful of records, ones which contain compelling tracks, like “The God Particle”,  “A Path Disclosed” and “The Phylogenesis Stretch” all in which the melody on guitars and bass are imminent; one can never get tired of listening to this quintet of talented musicians. The sound of NOLA invaded the Belasco, and metal was hailed.

DSC_0282The band Goatwhore, whose roots are from New Orleans, annihilated the entire theater. Fans raved as the band punished them with brutal riffs, catastrophic drums, and killer vocals. Louis Ben Falgoust II, is a brutal frontman, he amps the crowd with his energy and insane vocals. If you want to hear, aggressive guitars that will play some classic thrash/death metal make sure to keep you eyes on Sammy Pierre Duet. This guitarist plays with ease, as he conveys killer riffs, and amazing sounds. Guitar solos are plenty, and brutal riffs endless, the explosive drums are also the highlight of this band’s performance. The speed, and style Zack Simmons plays with is remarkable. The band plays an exhilarating set, the bass and drums play a huge role in the intensity of each track, as “Fucked By Satan” is hailed by fans, the musicians perform their most gruesome show yet. There was a mid set, off tune guitar, but that did not impede the fans from chanting “Goatwhore!”, as they were exalted by the virility Goatwhore diffused. An act that could follow up to this marvelous sound could only be Cattle Decapitation.

DSC_0796Cattle Decapitation is a progressive death metal band, whose sound is morbid, and rancid at the same time, eliciting the deepest evil emotions. Straight from San Diego, Cattle Decapitation has given us the sounds of death, putrefaction of humanity and angry riffs. The band has a unique style in all aspects, from the vocals, Travis Ryan sings with a gory sound, yet projecting his cleaner note in melancholic moments. I say cleaner note for a lack of better words.To the instruments: on stage this band is brutal, Josh Elmore created amazing deadly riffs on track, “We are Horrible People”, with some tremolo and technical sliding. The drums by David McGraw and Bass by Derek Engemann synchronize to add a heavier dark sound to tracks “Krokodil Rot”. Fans smashed shit up as the cannons exploded with a nuclear magnitude.  The fury and animal supremacy depicted in this live show by Cattle Decapitation is a reckless one. The fans raged at each mind twisting guitar riffs and neck breaking cannon blast on tracks “Apex Blasphemy”. The moshpit got wild as “Pac Grim” perturbed each listeners’ ears, with majestic virulent riffs.  Cattle Decapitation demonstrated why they are part of this line up. Simply the best progressive death metal act from San Diego. All these bands raged their hearts out on stage, leaving it scorching hot for Whitechapel.

Whitechapel emerged out of Knoxville, Tennessee and have created some heavy deathcore. The band is fronted by Phil Bozeman whose vocals are as deep as an echo in the abyss. His antics on stage are brutal, projecting all his energy at the fans who worship Whitechapel. Zach Householder and Alex Wade play some mean deathcore riffs, with great breakdowns and vicious tones. The drums are continuously punished by Ben Harclerode, who high up on the stage emits grenades during each track. The fans were enraged, as each bass note by Gabe Crisp slapped them in the face. The pit was menacing, as Alex Savage inflicted pain and death onto the ears of those present.DSC_0975 This band has a great set, and covers songs from early to most recent albums. Tracks like “Saw” and “Vicer” are some of fans favorites to smash the crowd to. The deathcore community reciprocated with love, and circle pits as Withechapel did what they know best, destroy stages! This Metal Blade line up was killer, from Deathcore metal to Metal, the sounds of 35 years in the business were a fraction of the skill, and talent this record label promotes and successfully pushes to the limits. A huge thanks to Brian Slagel and his crew for the recruiting of brutal artists like these ones. Let another 35 years come by, as metals heads are ready to rejoice with those perpetual sounds.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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