Immolation A Dark Brutal Live Performance


Immolation has unleashed a new destructive monster, titled Atonement. The band from Yorker, New York is fulfilling a tour with the Cavalera Brothers, Return To Roots, and they are annihilating all that stand before them with their sound.

The sounds of destruction, as Immolation started playing echoed through out the night at the Observatory, in Santa Ana, Ca. Robert Vigna went on stage with his vivid persona, as Ross Dolan joined him. Darkness filled the night, as Immolation brutally rattled the stage. You could see Ross’ hair getting ready to spin during the most vicious attack. The fans were ready for songs like “Destructive Currents” and “Majesty and Decay” to be executed. Ross vocals are intense live, and sound extremely brutal as the guitars by Alex Bouks and Robert Vigna created astonishing sounds.DSC_0476

Death metal riffs that are heavy, fast and dark resonated across the Observatory. Watching Bob Vigna play live was a true mesmerizing experience. His style of playing is majestic, he grabs the guitar and pulls it left and right as he strums it and hits every note with power. Meanwhile Ross Dolan slaps the heavy notes on his bass roaring with fury, instilling malevolence to each song they performed. Drummer, Steve Shalaty, blasted away those cannons pairing up with each intense wave projected by the rest of the band. Immolation brings the pain on stage, their set contained songs from their new album, Atonement, and some classics like Majesty and Decay. The chemistry between the band is catastrophic, and imperative for their sound to be perfected, you can tell these guys have been playing together for some time now. The fans raved as the track “When The Jackals Come” exploded with that flawless dark tone. The environment was the perfect setting for those ominous tracks, and metalheads enjoyed each second of this apocalyptic soundtrack. Nothing can stop the depth Immolation purveys on stage, it is a real death metal sound any metalhead should witness. 

  DSC_0480This band needs to headline in their own tour, as their relentless metal needs a longer set to play more aggressive songs, tracks that will make any lover of the obscure ravage in the pits of hell. Immolation’s later album was released via Nuclear Blast Records on February 24th, and it is a disturbing force, make sure to get your copy, and check the last dates of their tour. Get you tickets and be ready to be annihilated.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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