Six Feet Under:Heavier Than Ever

The band Six Feet Under has a very familiar line up, their sound is heavier and cohesive in all aspects. We picked up their new album titled Torment, a brain smashing creation for the masses. With Chris Barnes on vocals, Six Feet Under have amped their sound, providing that heavy death metal sound with raw gory lyrics. Their sound has some elements of early death metal, with a sturdier guitar work by Ray Suhy.  A very recent addition to lead/rhythm has taken place,  ex-Deicide Jack Owen is now part of Six Feet Under. Tracks like “Slaughter As They Sleep” have an effective ringing guitar riff, with powerful cannons (Marco Pitruzella) that will allow all fans to ravage in the pit. It is what death metal is intended to sound like, a giant on a destructive rampage.

The band has been active since 1993, ever since, they have unleashed brutal albums. Torment, is another addition to that debauchery of riffs, drums and killer bass (Jeff Hughes). The track titled Skeleton will keep you grounded, with a drummer intro to inspire a march to the brutal moshpit. This track then kicks in with a badass guitar riff, allowing your body to pump that adrenaline through your blood canals. As the blood flows to your brain, you will become a rabid dog, unleashing your fury while Chris Barnes prolongs his demonic vocals. Followed by “Knife Through The Skull”, the tone slows down, but keeps you grounded, providing a vigorous vocal work, once again by Mr. Barnes. The bass kicks in with an imminent bass riff, very catchy, this song has a bit of sludge to it. Definitely an intricate track, as you hear elements of doom metal, blending with brutality at it’s finest. All sounds in this album are reckless, meticulously redefining Six Feet Under’s ideas, creativity and image. We give this brutal act two thumbs up, it will slow down in certain areas, but bring the pain where it has to.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

Check this brutal Play through.


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