In The Company of Serpents: The Passage Toward The light at The End of The Tunnel

The groove is there, the sludge and doom will grab you by the throat and slam you on the wall as you listen to In The Company of Serpents, upcoming album. The album is due out this March, it is titled Ain-Soph Aur the six track recording will simply floor you. It has enough sludge to make you implode and enter a trance with groove. The duo from Denver will definitely catch your attention, as they are a force to be reckon. The music it self has enough impact, the lyrics and vocals will simply push you to enter that realm of decadence. Your mind will unravel as tracks like, “Nothinness”, take a toll on your subconscious and transport you to the fifth dimension. The name of the record translates to “Limitless Light”, a phrase which is a central concept to the record derived from the philosophy of Hemetic Qabalah, a Western esoteric tradition involving mysticism. A record that gives you a spiritual awakening, as it will explore self growth, and searching for your true self.


Photo By: Travis Heacock

With all the philosophical concepts and terms, the record can be a keystone to the new era of doom metal, focusing on the internal, as it is combined with metal that alleviates the soul. The track “Crucible” is dark, and the muted chords with delay effect will make your body jerk, as you enter a trance inflicted by the heavy guitars and rhythm no other band has purveyed. This band has elements of American Folk, and hints of blues, giving them a fluidity which will have you raging one moment and mellowing out the next. Think: a retreat for metal heads, where sounds of a spiritualistic guitar will be heard, only to be ravaged by the doom this band can play. This is a world which, In The Company of Serpents has alluded for sometime, and this time they have created a catastrophic transcending record, that will ensure the metaphysical to be enlightened. This record was captured by Dave Otero, at Flatline Audio, in Denver

Preorders are available at the band’s official Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION:


3/31/2017 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO w/ Dreadnought, Echo Beds, 908 [tickets]

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