Extremity Will Convey Death Metal In a Decapitating Style

cover_1485797539726043The sound of old school death metal is being reincarnated by the band Extremity from the Bay Area. For almost a decade this band has been kept in the dark corners of the metal scene, but now they rise with this brutal debut album titled, Extremely Fucking Dead. This album is a barrage of pain, mutilating your body without anesthesia. The gore is expelled with vocals reminiscing bands like Morbid Angel, and even Gruesome. This band is a debauchery cramped up in an album. It is a grotesque malefaction. The elements of thrash metal plague this record, from the guitars with the brutal tremolo, and fast bone shredding riffs this band will compel metal heads to gore out. The drums are vibrant, and relentless in each track. The songs do not lack anything, from creative guitar solos to the depth the bass applies on the track titled “Bestial Destiny”, this band is performing at maximum levels. The cruelty in the song “Chalice of Pus” is for the lovers of extreme riffs, and many layers of metal. The art of decay and death will be exhumed with each track on this morbid record. 


Photo By: Jennifer Mickalacki

This band draws inspiration from bands like Carcass, Death, Exhumed and Vastum. The band is fully equipped with death metal veterans like Shelby Lerma (Vastum), Aesop Dekker (Worm Ouroboros) Marissa Martinez-Hoadley (Cretin, Repulsion) and Erika Osterhout (Necrosic, Scolex, Trepanation), yielding this death packed record. The album will be released on April 7th, with digital, CD and LP formats. Followed by a ravaging of the flesh with many live apparitions with death metal legends Asphyx. Each song in this album will enrage you, awakening the fire inside, the thirst to mutilate and you must do so during the moshpits hailing Extremity live, and rejoicing along many metal heads.

Album Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

Watch Live:

EXTREMITY w/ Asphyx:

4/25/2017 The Brick – San Diego, CA

4/26/2017 The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

4/27/2017 The Metro – Oakland, CA

4/28/2017 The Raven – Portland, OR

4/29/2017 The Highline – Seattle, WA

4/30/2017 The Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC

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