Grave Plague-Brings Macabre Old School Death Metal

Grave Plague has unleashed a brutal force with their EP The Infected Crypts. The two tracks released by Give Praise Records, are a gory assault of the human existence. They are reviving the old-school death metal played by bands like – Morbid Angel and Death among many others. Their sound is creative, yet grounded by the early European and American death metal roots, aggressive riffs, and guttural vocals. The track “Arise The Infected” starts slow, gives you an Obituary style intro, ripping in with catastrophic blasts and intense guitar riffs. The vocals explode in your face with aggression, depicting putrid images of demons and horrendous acts.


The macabre is pleased by this destructive force. Once again the medium tempo on track “Hall of The Rotten” will kick in with magnificent bass work and bloodthirsty lyrics, imagine your self taking a stroll in the hall of the rotten, the stench is in the air. Each guitar riffs is maleficent, with chord slides and hammering in all the right sections. This is a must get EP if you are longing for some repulsive death metal, old school style look no more Grave Plague will seduce you and fulfill your necromancy need. The record will be released on March 10th, 2017 via Give Praise Records/Redefining Darkness in Vinyl format.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo


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