From The Vault- Mutilator’s Immortal Force is Re-released

For lovers of thrash metal, you must revisit the time when it was fast, relentless and raw. Mutilator’s album Immortal Force was re-release by Greyhaze Records on January 14th, 2017 a way to resurrect that old-school thrash metal and time to remove the cow-webs off your vinyl player. The record was originally released by Cogumelo Records, one which is also available in CD format.


Around the time Sepultura was forming, Mutilator was a great influence in the Brazilian Heavy Metal Scene, originally Desaster, the band formed in 1985. If you have not heard of this band, and love Sepultura, Slayer and Bathory this is a band for you to rage to. The track “Memorial Stone Without A Name”, is loud and fast, with savage guitar riffs. The drum work is brutal; blast after blast and fillers to feed your drumhead’s needs. The second track on the records titled “Blood Storm”, is a force that will strike your spine, with a sick guitar solo, hammering and raw vocals. The vocals are similar to your classic old school icon Max Cavalera, combined with speed and lyrics recited in the most aggressive way a metal vocalist can. You can hear the sound that was inspired by bands like Slayer, with a touch of that Brazilian attitude in this album. It is nice to hear this classic thrash metal album as loud as possible, ravaging during track titled “Butcher”, as it will slice up your face with brutal guitar scales and intricate guitar riffs. This is what Brazilian, raw and powerful thrash metal sounds like. Make sure to get your copy of this classic treasure.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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Mutilator-Immortal Forces “Butcher”-

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