Subliminal Crusher-Italian Death Metal Purveyors

darketype_webItalian death metal purveyors, Subliminal Crusher, released a violent album titled Darketype on May 2016 via Revalve Records. Their sound is powerful, furious and evil. The kick off track on this 10 song album sucks you in to their brutality. The guitar riffs played by Lorenzo Lucchini and Marco Benedetti are melodic and speedy. Their sounds resembles that of Swedish band The Haunted, with the relentless drum blasts by Rodolfo “Rawdeath” Ridolfi this band will ensure to start the moshpits in all venues they visit. The band started their vicious attack in 2002, with founders of the Italian band S.R.L. hitting the studio soon after. If you like a bit more sludge in your metal with a bit of that breakdown on the guitars check out track “Ashes of Mankind”; it has all the elements a breakdown needs, heavy guitars, drums that pound like explosions followed by a rhythmic guitar riff.

The band knows what they are doing, they have toured with bands like Darkane, Entombed and Sadus. Bands like this one only gets line ups for shows with Entombed if their sound is close to theirs, for a true neck breaker check out track “Condemned to Exile”, their thrash roots pop up in this song and will certainly create havoc. Emiliano LItti gives you a punishing guttural sound, encompassed by brutal drums and synchronized bass lines by Jericho Biagiotti. One can say their sound is similar to The Haunted, as they have been doing work with them, they definitely show their respect for this band. I can assure you their talent is only emitting a small amount of darkness into your world for now, as they will soon unleash their full power and give us more and more heavy riffs, brutal drumming and epic vocals.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

Check This Killer Track

Subliminal Crusher- “Condemned To Exile”- Darketype-




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