Bowling For Ronnie: A Cancer Research Foundation

banner-x-1ronnieCancer has taken many innocent lives, those left behind wish there was a cure, or it didnt exist. Cancer does not know age, gender, race or if they are rich or poor; it simply robs people of their lives. Ronnie James Dio was one of those famous rockstars who lost the battle to stomach cancer in 2010. Among other famous people we have lost in the music world like Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister of Motorhead and David Bowie, but also obscure people have lost their lives. Wendy Dio, Ronnies’ widow, decided to promote awareness to such devastating disease by starting a charity bowling tournament with rockstars and celebrities. This is what Wendy Dio let us in on during our chat:

Jose Barrientos- “First of all thank you for taking the time to chat with us today Wendy, this event will be one for the books, I say that because I can only imagine what big rock stars and celebrities will be there. Can you give us a little heads up on who will be participating in this Bowling for Ronnie tournament?”

Wendy Dio-“Thank you for supporting us, yes absolutely, a lot of people are coming, each day there is more and more that let us know they will be joining the event. We have  Tom Morello, Eddy trunk is our host, he will have his celebrity bowling team participating. Among these two iconic guys we have: John 5 ,Riper Owens, Jeff Scott Soto, Chris Broderick, Chris Hanger, Eddie Money, Joe Retta, Mark Sarzo and Rudy Sarzo, DIO band members and Dino Cazares.”

JB- “That calls for a great night of fun and games, Ronnie James Dio was always a very helpful musician and always participated in charities like this one, as a true metal fan it is alway a great thing to hear about our heroes.”

WD- “I think that is why so may people would donate their time, because its for a giving cause, and Ronnie was always involved in charity work.”

JB- “That says a lot about the metal world, I hear that Jack Black called you last year when he won the Grammy, how is Jack Black involved?”

WD-“Jack Black could not make it last year,  but will be there this time. He was a great friend with Ronnie and won a grammy last year for his song with Tenacious D “The Last In Line”. He immediately called to let us know when they winner was announced.”

JB- “That song is from the compilation tribute album you guys released right?”

WD- “Yes, Anthrax was nominated  as well and they were part of our tribute cd.”

JB- “Is there anything new coming up for the next tribute  record?”

WD- “We are woking on this one, there were a lot of people that were not included on the last one and each day more and more great bands want to join it.”

JB- “So what other events do you do besides this amazing bowling tournament?”

WD- “There is the Ride for Ronnie, which next year is on may 7, the first year we had about 100 riders and 500 in the park, this year there are around 300 riders and 1500 in the park.”

JB- “What has this Charity done in term of donations?”

WD- “The main fund raiser raised over $200,000,  and we have given so much to TJ Martel, this year we are focusing more on the local places. UCLA is one of the research labs we will be funding, and have given $25,000 and will present another amount  during this coming event on November 4th, 2016.”

JB- “What drove you to start a charity like this?”

WD- “The idea was to raise money for a good cause, I want to keep his music alive, and his legend but it’s always great to find a cure for this deadly disease that takes away our loved ones.”

JB- “What else is the charity for besides donating to research labs?”

WD- “We try to educate people on this deadly diseases, breast cancer has come a long way and early detection saves a lot of lives.”

JB- “That is a given fact, we have lost so many artists let alone rock stars that are talented. It also hits at home in the middle class families and its a great idea to spread the word about this silent disease.”

WD- “There is not a lot of research for pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer. We need more money on this area of research to be able to detect the disease early. It is amazing how many people are dying, we lost David Bowie, Lemmy, and more even in the entire United States all because detection is not there. Cancer doesn’t care who it takes, celebrity rich or poor, the disease is there; we need to make more awareness, make sure the guys get checked.”

JB- “Why a bowling tournament and not a live show, or festival?”

WD- “We have  done a  gala it was a great turn out.  There was a  bowling event in the 80’s and TJ Martel had a drive for cancer and aids Ronnie was on a team which ended up winning the tournament. Ronnie won in 86 so that sparked us to say Ronnie did that why not do a bowling day for Ronnie, until the day we display the trophy that inspired this giving event.”

JB- “That is amazing, what can we expect from this coming bowling tournament?”

WD- “It is a fun night, mixed with celebrities  and fans as well. You can watch if you want to, or be part of the tournament and join celebrities teams. We have prices like a Jack Daniels basket, food baskets, wines in the live auction. We have the stage played guitar by Chris Broderick ex-Megadeth guitarist now frontman to Act of Defiance.  We also have a crafted bowling ball and pin donated by pins which is beautiful along with  John 5’s  framed photo, which he would willingly sign for the winner.

The tournament consist of a 1st n 2dn place with respective prices and a highest scorer price too. Last year we sold out, this year we are hoping it does again and raise all the money for research.” 

JB- “Will there be any surprise performances?”

WD- “We don’t have performances just perhaps special guest appearances for the night.”

JB- “It was a pleasure talking to you, and we are looking forward to the event.”

WD- “Thank you for supporting our cause and we will see you then.”

As tough as it is losing someone special in your life, you can only imagine losing someone to a slow painful death, and that is why Wendy Dio wants to educate the nation and fund research labs to find a way to detect and treat cancer early. Join Wendy Dio along with a plethora of celebrities and rockstars to commemorate and raise funds for this great cause and fight back against the worlds deadliest disease, Cancer. The event will take place in Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City on Friday November 4th, 2016, it is the second annual bowling tournament.  Make sure you come and have a good time while standing up against cancer.

Reported by: Jose Barrientos

100% of the net proceeds from the BOWL 4 RONNIE will go to the Dio Cancer Fund (  At the event, a check for $25,000 will be presented to further the research of Dr. David Wong, Director of the Dental Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, who is developing a non-invasive saliva test for early cancer detection.  The Dio Cancer Fund already presented Dr. Wong with $25,000 at their annual Ride for Ronnie Motorcycle event in May of this year. Dr. Wong believes this simple test will become available for medical use within the next three years.  Information about his research is available here:


These are some of the many prices for this event.

For More information and tickets go here. 

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