Across The Burning Sky- Define Melodic Death Metal With Their Sound

acrosstheburningsky-nopicThere is a force that draws all evil and dark spirits to create chaos, to feast upon the weak and to manifest its presence in the living universe in different wave lengths. The melodic death metal purveyors, Across the Burning Sky, have released a mind exploding composition of their darkest hymns yet. The band formed in Northern Europe, and their album The End Is Near was released 5 days before Halloween. Perhaps to influence all evil forces to unloaded their hatred on human kind, or simply the time was right. Nonetheless, this nine track album is packed with savage guitar work by both Matte and Zodiac, who relentlessly and methodically create melodic riffs, those which are heavy and dark. With the drum work by Sethor, the tracks come to life as the speed on the double bass pedal and hand work is upbeat gives tracks like “Sacrifice” more power. Meanwhile the demonic voice expelled by Aki is traditional black metal with fury, depicting diabolical themes.  The bass by Hakon is tantalizing, he synchronizes its beats with the heaviest drum lines to give depth to tracks like “Shadows Embrace”.


The band takes their sound back to the beginning of the genre, it pays homage to the sound that started the evolution of melodic death metal. The live recording style in this album is brutal, not many bands do that anymore and they have captured the true sounds of their instruments. Each song is projecting raw metal, the song- “The Fourth Deadly Sin” is a killer track. This song has the best drum work in the entire album, not to say it’s not great work, but here the blasts are intense, vigorous and malevolent. The guitar riffs are astounding and remind you of bands like Dissection, and Enslaved with the melody. Nordic Death Metal is what this band can write best, and they have been doing it for nearly 20 years now, if you are not buying this album you might as well stab your ears def. Pick up your copy of this dark cold death metal, as it will transport you to the snowy mountains in Northern Europe.

Here is a Preview To Some Melodic Death Metal

Across The Burning SkyThe End Is Near – “Sacrifice”

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