Ghost B.C. Possessing Souls

dsc_0162When a band unexpectedly wins you over, and the sounds of their music haunt you for the rest of your life, no matter what the crowd says or non lovers cry about; that band has the talent to lift you out of your grave. That band we are referring to is Ghost B.C. from Sweden. It is fronted by a corpse paint skeleton named Papa Emiretus, subdued by the instrumentation of nameless ghouls who majestically win your metalhead heart over. Their The Popestar Tour supported by KLOS Full Metal Jackie is ravaging across the country and fans rushed to their wireless devices to purchased their one way ticket to hell. The band made a two night stop in Los Angeles, California and played at The Wiltern. Two nights filled with dark lyrics and hardcore fans. The band just released their newest seductive album titled Meliora, a creepy, satanic worshiping album. This band has four albums, all which are dark, luring, hellish and simply genius. Friday night October 21st was the night I was sucked into this dungeon of malignant lyrics, pop rock beats and a crowd filled with nothing but dark souls conveying their obsession with Ghost’s music.

As I walked to the venue, you could sense an eerie ora all around, perhaps the prince of darkness himself was present or perhaps excitement had taken over. Nonetheless, as I entered The Wiltern, you could see people of all ages, metalheads wearing shirts from bands like Iron Maiden, Exodus even Mayhem. That surprised me as I had heard the music and there were no neck breaking guitar solos, or gory vocals. This is not that which I expected, however I embraced the fans and accepted my presence in this ritualistic theater. It dawned on me, we were all here to worship satan that night, a night filled with music lovers all around us, drinks and that sole common interest; music.

dsc_0168The stage darkened, the smog rose and the fans went wild! All nameless ghouls came out proudly and confident carrying their axes to punish those fans. The pit was packed and little boys and girls were among that crowd. Yes, six to ten year old kids were ready to listen to the pope recite those malignant lyrics. The sounds infiltrated my ears and along with the rest of the crowd I swayed side to side, and “bow down my soul to the god rock and roll”. Hypnotized? Perhaps, I blame the dark lyrics, the heavy bass beats and the ominous keyboard sounds. It was a religious experience, an unholy shamanistic ritual. As the pope sang to songs like “Cirice and “Square Hammer”, you could see girls being possessed and their bodies moved in a succubus style, as if they felt the force or making love to the songs. A spiritualistic night indeed. The set was not short, the fans got to experience songs like “He Is”, which happens to be one of my favorites. The highlight of the night had to be when the frontman had a monologue, about making one another explode sexually, about experimenting with your partner and reaching that climax. An act which can be named seductive, smart and humorous at the same time.The band has all the right ingredients, take my money, I want your music, your shirts, it is pop-rock darkened by the spirits of the underworld that will posses your impure soul; join us in this ritual and worship Ghost B.C. as we have. 

This band has the right energy to portrayed the darkness to the world in a pop-rock style. It is the correct way of reaching out the the mainstream masses and showing them satan, seduction, sex, rock and roll and rituals. There is that malignant force, the kingdom of the dark lord has been brought to the world in a pop format and innocence will exist no more.

Reported By: Jose Barrientos

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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