Death Angel The Wolfpack Thrashing Since the 80’s

dsc_0688The thrash scene is coming back and metal is at its highest peak in 20 years. The genre is alive thanks to acts like Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Metallica and of course Death Angel. Death Angel, the bay thrash area has kept the scene pretty classic with riffs that are fast and slick. Mark Osegueda, Ted Aguilar and Rob Cavestany have kept the band strong and kicking since the 80’s and thanks to this trio the band has released neck breaking metal. Monday nights are for resting, recovering from parties and reminding your self that the week just started. However, when you are in Las Vegas and know Death Angel is playing, you best forget about those stupid thoughts of rest and recovery. On October 24th in Las Vegas Country Saloon in Downtown, Death Angel ravage the crowd of metalheads, those real fans showed up to support this brutal sonic wave.

The night was exciting and filled with long haired metal fans, Death Angel lovers; to say the least. Death Angel is one of those bands that just happens to be underrated, why I have no idea. Nonetheless, Death Angel has proven over and over again that they have what thrash metal is all about. With their most recent killer release of The Evil Divide via Nuclear Blast, Death Angel kicked off a tour, doing side pit stops in their favorite places as a headliner. Yea, Death Angel deserves to be a closing act, as they have given us The Dream Calls For Blood and Relentless Retribution to name a few records. This band went on stage and started shredding, Rob Cavestany is a restless soul, giving its all during songs like “Left For Dead” which listening to it live just gives you chills during that eerie introduction, blasted by killer drums by Will Carroll. The violent singer and amazing frontman, Mark Osegueda, sings his guts out during the set list. Mark Osegueda praises fans that came out to see Death Angel and is grateful for their support and continues inspiration to keep writing songs. The crowd went crazy when the band raged on stage to “The Moth”, the opening song off their new release, The Evil Divide. The bassist, Damien Sisson proved to be fit for such a killer show with Death Angel. The ferocious riffs by Ted Aguilar gave power and depth to “Father of Lies”, meanwhile on stage Mark Osegueda provided the fans with the sight of his famous high jump.dsc_0027

This band surely knows how to keep the fans interested, as they go back to their furthest album Ultra Violence and played that self titled tack in the intro, a brutal classic. What a way to kick some ass since the opening of the show, a vicious attack of riffs and speed metal was provided by Death Angel, the wolfpack. The band has toured with Slayer and Anthrax all over the States and continues to do it, but their headliner shows with more than six songs are the ones you want to witness, they pay a great rendition to their fans and never disappoint as they are the true fans. Mark Osegueda said it better, “We love to come to headliner shows because we get to see the real Death Angel fans, and play longer sets.”, it’s inspiring to hear a metal star praise their fans with so much respect. This band has always been a huge influence in my metal list. I recall seeing them in 2002 opening for Children of Bodom if I remember correctly, and I knew all the fans were in for a real treat.

dsc_0651The Death Angel wolfpack is a true following group, and Las Vegas Nevada witnessed a powerful sound, a sonic beatdown by the bay area thrash metal goliath. Once you see Death Angel live and witness Mark Osegueda rip the stage apart with his brutal antics and beautiful screaming vocals you will never deny the fact they are amazing live. Ted Aguilar gives the crowd  the tempo and depth with his skillful guitar playing. While Rob Cavestany fingers the guitar and headbands simultaneously enriching those metalheads with killer riffs. Will Caroll and Damien Sisson play a huge roll as they both beat their instruments restlessly, pushing Death Angel to create an energy that is contagious on stage, allowing fans to lose their minds and mosh. Make sure to catch Death Angel at any given show, be ready to loose your shit.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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