Clutch- Made The NOVO Dance and Rock All Night

dsc_0687Maryland’s Clutch is out on tour with amazing Zakk Sabbath and Kyng, a set of bands that bring up the heat on stage and give you riffage like no other. Clutch took over the stage at the Novo in Downtown Los Angeles, last Friday October, 14th and the vibes were right. In the middle of a busy city, where the multitude prefers the mainstream music, Clutch gave us some great  Prog-Rock.

Neil Fallon fronts the band and has done it since the day this band was manifested in Maryland, his voice is one of a kind with clean vocals and amazing rhythm. Neil is a great performer, and entices the audience with his groovy style and amazing talent. The band together sounds incredibly tight and each song like “X-Ray Vision” and “Son of Virginia” were tracks that pumped the crowd. Each song has a different style, some are slower yet have a huge impact on the fans, as they all sing along to the lyrics, the sounds of blues and rock. The  sounds emanated at the fans, hit the walls of the venue as the multitude sways from side to side; drinking beer and celebrating this music we call rock & roll. Clutch has a great crowd and they gave them their all, from amazing guitar riffs by Tim Sult to fast sequences on the drums by Jean-Paul Gaster.

dsc_0667The song writing alone is smart, it elevates the fans as Clutch rocks the stage and infects them with groove. Their latest album Psychic Warfare has placed Clutch in a different level of rock and they are continuing to set the standards of  live performances. The venue was the perfect venue, as the sound was clean and crisp, it allowed each guitar note to be heard and enjoyed by the crowd. The Maryland sound definitely levitated the bodies of fans that attended the show. Bassist Dan Maines plays a mean instrument and he stands tall, his presence is unique and the sound is heavy. Tracks like “A Quick Death InTexas” exerted an energy which the  crowd enjoyed and danced to. The NOVO was a live and the crowd was satisfied by the funky sounds Clutch creates, this is not your daily dose of alternative, or mainstream rock, this is the best from Maryland that will make you loose control and your body will definitely enter a trance. There are a few bands that play prog-rock with the style and sound Clutch does, make sure to join the crowd on their upcoming shows and dance to the sounds of “Sucker for the Witch” this definitely gives you that 90’s prog-rock sound and the performance by the band is amazing, make sure to get your tickets.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Hostile Jo

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