Incite- The Voice of Aggression

dsc_4413The brutality a band can exert is based on the emotions taking over the song writers, and performers. Incite, is filled with rage, ready to give everyone in the audience the most aggressive metal there is. Incite consist of four metal purveyors, Richie Cavalera, Christopher El, Dru, and Lenno Lopez. Each member brings their best to the stage, as it was witnessed on Monday September 26th, at the Whisky A-Go-Go, co-headlining for Tengger Cavalry. Now, lets just say, Incite has released four albums, all of them rage. Imagine, a mixture of Exodus, The Haunted and other acts that play pure fucking heavy metal.

Their latest release was Oppression, an album that shows what the band is capable of producing during the creative moments. Anger, self pity, suicide, and all the social psychological issues you can imagine are topics in the album Oppression, that features non other than metal ambassador, Jose Mangin. The fans at the venue had no idea what to expect, as the Phoenix, AZ band erupted on stage. dsc_4549Richie Cavalera projects his anger on the mic, and is very energetic during songs like “Slaughter”, a fan’s favorite by now. Bassist Christopher El, demolishes the stage with his powerful persona, slapping that bass enslaving it to his rhythmic creation giving Incite that heavy tone. While on drums, Lennon Lopez blast those cannons to accompany the gory vocals by Richie Cavalera. The speed of course is created by Dru, the longed hair skinny dude that can shred like a mother… This guy taps, pick swipes and more with his ESP guitar. The energy he projects towards the audience is intense, as he skillfully plays those heavy chords, transitioning to more melodic guitar solos.

The ensemble punishes the fans with a brutal, aggressive and well composed set of songs. If you don’t believe me ask Jose Mangin himself, he can back us up. HAHAHA no do not ask him, just get your tickets for this brutal attack of heavy metal. It is songs like Stagnant that will tear you a new A$4ho13, but hey it is only a click away from downloading on iTunes.

Reported by: Hostile Jo

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