Exclusive- The Reaktion Music Video Premiere of “The Network”

From Their critically acclaimed debut album Selknam, the Santiago De Chile band The Reaktion just  released their music video to this amping song, make sure to have all speakers to the loudest knot. The album was recorded at the Mainia Recordings, by Evan Mainia.

Hard Rock electronic group, The ReAktion, have unleashed the video for ‘The Network’


The video was shot last month at The Punsh festival in Santiago and captures the band playing in front of their hometown crowd, which shows how much energy they bring, and shows the bands most important asset:  their live performance!

Lead Singer, Simon Rojas comments on the song:  ‘ In every voice, we are all involved’

In addition, he adds:  ‘The song has been a standout during live shows, we always get a lot from the crowd when this track comes up’.


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If you liked that, check out their album on spotify




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