The Ozzfest What To Expect, and The Bands You Must Watch Live

DSC_0171The two hottest tours of the year are joining forces this 2016, and at the end of summer all hell will be unleashed in San Bernardino California for two days filled with the best metal you can imagine. The creators are huge and the bands representing both festivals are not short from that. The longest lived,  most astonishing festival, The Ozzfest, has joined forces with Knotfest. Each festival has their own style, and format among greatest selections of live acts this year. It is believed that this years’ Ozzfest is the last one for Black Sabbath, while Slipknot might just be getting warmed up and taking the torch for future festivals to come. The big name bands are the easy way to lure fans in, however most fans over look the opening acts on side stages and we will give you the best of the bands you really do not want to miss this coming Ozzfest Meets Knotfest.

IMG_9124There will be a total of four stages giving you hell hammering drums and electrifying guitar riffs during the Ozzfest. The first opening stage, is the Nuclear Blast stage, a contender with five live bands that will overlap with The Monster Energy Drink Stage One, and Monster Energy Drink Stage two. The Nuclear Blast stage, will consists of Still Rebel, Kataklysm, The Shrine, Burjeria, and Municipal Waste, from this line up make sure to check Kataklysm out as their style of metal is outstanding. If you want some brutal, fast spanish death metal make sure to check out Brujeria who will also be touring with Cattle Decapitation this fall who also just released their Gringo Aztlan titled album. You cannot go wrong with some classic thrash metal by Municipal Waste, however if you enjoy the sounds of Suicidal Tendencies you might encounter a little bit of an overlap here and need to pick one show. These two bands start at 2:50pm. From the Monster Energy Drink Stage two, Allegaeon is the opening act, their fast melodic death metal is astounding, instilling adrenaline in metal heads bodies and perpetuating sci-fi themed songs. You might want to head to this stage soon after Kataklysm from the Nuclear Blast Stage.

goatwhore_maingroup1_bypeterbesteBoth Monster Energy Drink Stages will create havoc and piss people off, which is what metal intends on doing this weekend. Goatwhore, Allegaeon, and Hatebreed will be violating your ears on stage 2, while Devil Driver will support their new album, on stage 1 followed by Suicidal Tendencies, featuring Dave Lombardo on drums. There will be attractions if you are there for the experience and later on say you were at the Ozzfest. There will be a Ring of Fire, House of Hell and a Gravitron, to ensure you have a blast while metal is being played. This festival will have all sorts of fun for all ages, including Monster Truck Arena, and tons of beer for the happy campers. The Lemmy Stage, which is the main stage during the Ozzfest, will have opening acts by Rival Sons, a bit more like the Black Keys when they first started, they will give you that blues metal you are craving.DSC_0671_2 The following act is none other than the reverend’s band Mr. Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society
, giving you those furious guitar solos, with perplex guitar skills, and fast drum beats. Opeth, who just released their latest music video will go on before the lords of thrash metal, Megadeth. Megadeth has embarked on a side tour with Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church and Butcher Babies so this will be an interesting show to watch, see how much energy they have left. Of course Megadeth will be supporting their latest killer record Dystopia and play some classics. Disturbed will be following Black Sabbath lets just hope there are no fans texting or expect to be called out.

Black Sabbath will close the night making it their last North American Tour, perhaps their most anticipated last tour since their, The Last Super tour. Any who, those are the bands you definitely want to check out, keep an ear opened for those side stage acts, make sure to stay hydrated, get your gear, and keep it metal. No one will raise the horns higher than you so keep them in the air!

Stay tuned for the bands you need to check out during the Knotfest.

Reported By: Hostile Jo


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