Abigail Williams- Black Metal Rapture at The Whiskey A Go Go

DSC_0847It was an intense night at the Whiskey A Go Go last Thursday August 18th, when black metal, death metal and blackened death metal bands took over. Abigail Williams teamed up with Belphegor to destroy stages all over America. Acts like the Shining and Origin were among the ominous line up. The crowd was ready for what Abigail Williams had in stores for them. The sound check was a prolonged process, but the professional band members Ken Sorceron (vocalist, Guitarist)  and Jeff Wilson (Bass) took charge and got the set ready to go.

The ambiance projected by Abigail Williams with the back tracks is eerie, just like many black metal acts, the cannon blasts soon commenced. Ken Sorceron plays a different kind of black metal, one that challenges the listeners to adapt to the momentum it builds in songs like “Of The Outer Darkness” which starts with a static white noise, erupting into a blasphemous sequences of drum blasts, with some fast guitar riffs. This depressed themed band, provides each sound to the soundtrack of your demise. On stage, in the darkness, you see Ken roaring like a possessed creature expelling lyrics of misanthropy and anguish, paired up with the brutal guitar riffs he conjures from the dark abyss. Black metal like this has not been heard in years dating back to the likes of Mayhem, Marduk and the classic Emperor. You can hear the twists and turns of the guitar attacking your ears, and the bass giving that heavier and dark sound to each song. The crowd was thirsty for black metal, and it responded well to this band’s projection of evil. The moshpit was brutal and painted faces were head banging to tunes like “Godhead” among the selection of tracks during this dark mass.

DSC_0882The most recent attempt by Abigail Williams was in 2015 release of The Accuser, most of the songs have a dark brutal theme, about suicide, melancholy and even touches topics like The Salem Which Trials, which inspires the sounds of the music. The bassist Jeff Wilson has a strong spirited presence on stage, and plays the bass viciously with a solemn gesture. Looking at the crowd, and focusing at a deep corner of the Whiskey A Go Go Jeff tears up the stage. There is of course the classic head banging by both Jeff and Ken, sometimes in synchronicity other times rage takes over as Jeff hits the notes of doom and head bangs solo. Some black metal bands might not agree with the fact that Abigail Williams plays black metal, however the crowd liked the dark Indonesian black metal this band purveys. The tour has a few more dates, make sure to catch this black mass and headbang to some amazing Los Angeles Black metal.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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