Carcass- Thank You For Reuniting


Photo By: Hostile Jo

Well as everyone knows, Carcass took a bit of a break for some time, leaving the metal scene in shock. However, once they reunited in 2007 granting the metal realm something to look forward to. This past Saturday night at the Orange County Observatory, Carcass among Ghoul, Crowbar and Night Demon dominated the stage. Metal heads from all corners of The South Bay crawled out to witness a brutal display of heavy metal, thrash metal and Metal. Carcass has written great classics, fans can vouched for that, however with their most recent release “Surgical Steel” via Nuclear Blast Records Carcass showed the world what they are made of. With songs like- ‘Cadaver Pouch Conveyor’ the classic drumming style of Daniel Wilding which is fast, and explosive gives Carcass its brutal sound. The guitarists, Bill Steer and Ben Ash sure hyped the crowd as fans head banged and moshed through songs like ‘The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills’ and ‘The Master Butcher’s Apron’. Human flesh was wanted that night, as Jeff Walker roared and with great skill played those fast deep bass notes.


Photo By: Hostile Jo

The band does not miss a beat, they play heavy from start until the end of their aggressive show. At one point Jeff Walker brought a fan up on stage to sing along, however the poor bastard did not know the songs. Well let’s just make sure he was not a poser and just had too much to drink and “forget” the lyrics. None the less, Carcass went on and hammered those songs like an apocalyptic thunderstorm with growling sounds of demons. This night was a brutal one, for fans of all bands the show was exquisite. If you managed to make it to this show glad you lived, if you missed it make sure to check the dates here to catch them at their next assault.


Reported By: Hostile Jo

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Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

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