Nails Projected Their Brutal Sound Along with Other Punk Rock Acts.


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

The vicious sounds of punk and hard rock resonated last night at the Chain Reaction, in Anaheim, CA. Nomad Punx, Freedom, Terrorizer and Nails took over the stage creating an atmosphere of brutal moshpits and aggressive music lovers. Despite the issue of the microphone not working properly, Nomads Punx completely destroyed the stage with their brutal vocals, fast speedy guitar riffs and empowering bass. The drums were a brutal sound that simply cried fuck this. Their self titled album Nomads was recorded at The Pit by Taylor young and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. These dudes sounds are a reminder of where metal comes from, their furious attacks on the instruments created havoc.


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

The night was young, and so was the crowd and the sounds of punk were what they search for on a Thursday night, and Freedom gave it to them. Straight from Detroit, Freedom punished the infidel with their straight edge hardcore punk. The singer is a tall skinny dude with some killer vocals. Speedy guitars and a deep bass comprise songs like “Freedom Slam”, which was more of an anthem to the fucking brutality going on in the pit. Check out their LP, Pay the Price, out on Triple-B Records be ready to punch some in the throat soon after.

By the the time the above mentioned band played we realized this madness could only become your nightmare as Terrorizer and Nails would perform. That was an understatement, the classic sounds of death metal mixed with that of Obituary and Napalm Death blasted kids minds away.


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

Terrorizer went on stage giving hell and unleashing a classic taste of hardcore punk. Playing in their neighbor town Anaheim, Terrorizer set up, and the drums were astonishing. Songs of death, violence and politics are the main topic. With multiple records released since 1987 and now having signed with Season of Mist Terrorizer made sure the pit was vivid. Tracks like Fear of Napalm ravaged the stage and fans stood soaking in the sound of a classic death metal band. Terrorizer band has the sounds that every metal head, punk rock kid wants to contaminate the world with, the sound of rebellion and anarchism. Check out the brutality of this band.

The headliner, an Oxnard, California based grind core metal band, Nails, destroyed what was left of that fucking microphone. Tape did not save the mic. Todd Jones on guitar and vocals gives sings with fucking anger, and plays the guitar with passion. His presence on stage is malignant and projects his lyrics with a thunderous force.


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

John Gianelli, who likes to play shirtless fucks shit up with the bass and doing back up vocals. Nails has taken breaks soon after their tours, and with all due respect they need it after ravaging stages the way they do. The intense sounds and quick one minute tracks are what these angry fans want to listen and slam shit away in the mosh. Elbows swing, floors are stomped and shit is brutalized while Taylor Young blasts those cannons. The band has been active since 2007 and their newest release “You Will Never Be One of Us” is a staggering collection of painful and deadly guitar riffs, drums and aggressive vocals. Any brutal shows lover will tell you Nails has that special talent to tear shit up and give you the opus sound that will rip you inside out as you headbang and ninja kick your way to the moshpit. Nuclear Blast picked up this versatile band, one to create mayhem and showcase brutal sounds.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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