Rivers of Nihil- Man and Its Nature


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

Rivers of Nihil has the sound of a destructive force, filled with catastrophic drum blast and engorging vocals. The guys from this band are creating havoc in every venue they decide to perform. During their North America Tour along with The Zenith Passage and Beyond Creation heads are gonna roll. This assault to the brain is a hammering of guitar tunes that infuriate the most noble of them creatures out there. Each guitar lick can be looked as a skillful creation, even Mozart will not under estimate. This band goes on stage with ease, as Jake Dieffenbach ravages the crowd with his brutal deep vocals. Both guitarist; Brody Ottley and Jon Topore are synchronizing their brutal guitar tones to purvey songs like “Perpetual Growth Machine” and “Ancestral, I”.

The themes are cosmical, mechanical and inhuman beings that are aiming to save the earth. Perhaps this band has foreseen the devastation that will sweep humanity, and with their new album out in 2015 via Metal Blade RecordsMonarchy they are preparing the world for what extinction will bring. The merciless cannons are blasted by Dylan Potts and they engulf the brutal guitars and vocals projected at the crowd.


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

The resonating sound of this relentless machine has been manifested since 2009, straight from Reading, Pennsylvania, and human nature has no salvation once this band butchers their souls. Metal Blade Records is the killer label that signed this band and with great recognition Rivers of Nihil has not disappoint the masses. They are currently touring so make sure you get to witness such machinery at work.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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