Beyond Creation- A Spiritual Death Metal Sound


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

Beyond Creation, that name is short from what this band has manifested. At The Whiskey A Go Go, a multitude of long haired kids, seeking for a thrill and adrenaline piled up. Yes, piled up because this band literally made the entire crowd ravage, with adrenaline pumping fast through their veins, fans rushed the pits, raised the horns and hailed Beyond Creation. This Canadian death metal act is simply majestic and can play sounds that are enticing and take you through a vortex of many rhythms. From the basist, Hugo Doyon- Karout who seems to have tentacles on his hands to both guitarist Simon Girard and Kevin Chartre the talent spews.

Never has a crowd of fans seen such a remarkable display of musician ship. The bass is loud, you can hear the synchronicity of this deep headless bass from a 20 mile radius. The style in which Hugo slaps that bass, and taps the notes with a solemn face is quite intriguing. Where did he learn how to make the bass guitar his bitch like that. The bass is a vocal cord that is sensual, and this skillful bassist hits it with style. Ah see what we did there, yea! Philippe Boucher who is relentless on the drums headbangs to tunes like “Sous La Leur De L’empereur” which is a furious song,which speaks of the Emperor. In track “Earthborn Evolution while the killer talented guitarist display their godly given gifts Philippe comes in with a smooth  drumming yet quick on the double pedals, an enlightenment! The songs played live are much better, as you can witness as both guitarist excel a magnificent level of guitar playing. Yes, tapping is the new sweeping but this guys can write a book about it as they surely are masters of this creation.


Photo Credit: Hostile Jo

The summer is sizzling in California but i can guarantee you the Whiskey could have been set a blaze with this face melting metal. The volcano erupted with each solo performed on stage as both Simon and Kevin would play through songs like “The Great Revelation”, and “Neurotically Transmissions” Season of Mist has recruited this brutal band and with all credit ado they will surely want them longer on their radar. The souls bodies left behind at the Whiskey stood there in awe as the band ravage their ears and brutalized the walls of this classic venue. Beyond Creation has the ability and talent of all honorable bands out there, and their Jazz infusion in this sound is perpetual and will sweep the world. Make sure to catch this ghastly act, and brace yourself; its a religious experience.


Reported By: Hostile Jo

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