Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody: Magic, Wonder Lands and Victorious Symphonies.

DSC_0766The Grove of Anaheim was taken aback by an enchanting sound and fury projected by a band named Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. The European cinematic power metal ensemble whose act cannot be described with words destroyed the Grove of Anaheim. Stories of warriors and battles are depicted with the vox of Alessandro Conti pervading the venue, with his high pitch majestically projected at the fans. The mastermind behind the music is Luca Turelli, who is a keyboard player, guitar player and composer of this symphonic metal hymns. Luca Turilli, was the former member of Rhapsody and now is the genius of songs like “Il Cigno Nero “ off their new release – Prometheus- Symphonia Ignis Divinus, a song that takes you on a voyage which can be spiritual and uplifting. The band’s chemistry on stage is spectacular; they know they are taking the fans on a journey of battles and victories with each note they play. Guitarist Dominique Leurquin creates this multi-national band; who on stage shreds as he plays vividly to a crowd of hardcore metal heads.DSC_0855 Meanwhile on drums Alex Landenburg performed a skillful solo, playing faster than any other drummer going from drum to cymbals, to double pedal as he spun his VATER Drumstick on one hand. This drummer talent allows the band to sound majestic. Bassist Patrice Guers resembles Steve Harris, being active and volatile, as he aims at the fans beating his bass masterfully, making eye contact with those enamored with Luca Turilli’s creative and visionary music. However, Patrice Guers did play with his soul in the bass solo 6 songs prior to the end of such a symphonic spiritual creation. The lyrics, music, and musicianship is graceful and magical. A must see show, expecting nothing but the best of the mythical world, and talent of musicians who breath, eat and bleed music. DSC_0150_2As the night ended, Luca Turilli and the ensemble hyped the crowd, and thanked them for attending such a memorable cinematic power metal enchantment. Say no more, the crowd was under a spell and fans raved about the melodic sound of Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody.

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Reported By: Hostile Jo

Photos Taken By: Jose Barrientos


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